10 Tandoor or Barbeque Grills for Indian Homes

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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Who doesn’t love the smoky smell of tandoori food being prepared fresh in their home?! It’s warm and welcoming—reminiscent of one’s grandmother’s kitchen with the open hearth or wood-fired brick stove where fresh meat, vegetables or rotis and naans were served up hot at the table.

In the smaller Indian homes, the idea of smoke filling up the kitchen deters many homeowners from installing a tandoor oven or wood-fired stove inside the kitchen. However, it is possible with a bit of clever planning by your architect or designer. We’ve highlighted 10 options to give you some ideas on how you can enjoy grilling in your home without being troubled by the smoke.

​1.Custom-built standalone brick oven

In a backyard or a large open terrace, a made-to-order brick oven is perfect, especially if you are a tandoor or barbeque aficionado. You can work with your designer to get a custom-built unit with separate grills, shelves and stoves.

 Inspired? See this ideabook for more designs for barbecues and grills.

​2.Built-in brick oven in an open kitchen

In a house or an apartment with a terrace, building an open kitchen that is directly linked to the outdoors helps to flush out the smoke. Depending upon the size of the oven, it can be used to roast a whole leg of lamb or even to bake a wood-fired pizza or Indian breads such as naans and rotis. Incorporating an island counter with stools allows you to serve directly from the grill to the plate – a modern take on your grandmother’s hospitality.

3.​Outdoor Stone Grill

Clad your Braai in Stone The Braai Man Garden Fire pits & barbecues
The Braai Man

Clad your Braai in Stone

The Braai Man

If you have space in your backyard or open terrace, a stone oven with a chimney to carry away the smoke works perfectly. It’s ideal for the winters as you can invite guests to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace while serving up hot food from the grill.

​4.Sleek grill on the wall

This modern and easy to install barbeque fits on the wall of even a small balcony. The sleek unit doesn’t occupy much space, and you don’t have to worry about the smoke filling up in your home.

​5.Minimalist steel grill with basin

In a small garden or terrace, a ready-to-install stainless steel grill on the wall is another good option. The built-in sink is great for washing up in the outdoors, while the perforated steel panel on the wall protects it from smoke and stains.

​6.Traditional metal bowl

Portable firebowl Hen and Hammock Garden Fire pits & barbecues
Hen and Hammock

Portable firebowl

Hen and Hammock

If you use a traditional cast iron bowl with charcoal as a portable fireplace in winter, you could consider getting a custom-built round grill plate for the top to turn it into a barbeque or grill during summer. Experiment with it on your balcony or terrace to serve up hot tikkas and kebabs.

7.Portable Outdoor Grills

Pizza firepit La Hacienda Garden Fire pits & barbecues
La Hacienda

Pizza firepit

La Hacienda

Several outdoor barbeque grills, which utilise coal briquettes instead of charcoal, are available in the market. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so pick one that is best suited for your space. These are convenient as they are portable and can be carried easily to an outdoor picnic in the park.

8.​Table top electric grills

These small grills might not be suited for large parties, but you can use them to cook healthy family meals at the table and serve up hot skewers of grilled vegetables and meat. While designing your kitchen, remember to include a permanent place for it to enable easy countertop grilling.

9.​Open concrete grills

In a large backyard, a concrete pit such as this one can be custom-built for enjoying outdoor grilling and barbeques. Design seating around the grill to create a cosy setting for small parties.

10.​Gas barbeques

For those who don’t enjoy the smoke from charcoal or wood-fired grills, gas barbeques are the ideal alternative. They can be either built into a covered area outside or used as a portable unit that can be taken out of storage whenever you plan a barbeque party.

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