5 Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Homes are designed with a lot of care and love, since they are more than just buildings where you live with your family through good and bad times. Your home is your refuge from the cold, harsh world outside, and a place where you can be yourself and live the life you desire. So it’s not enough to just use the best materials to build your abode. It is imperative to ensure that the interiors look as charming and inviting as the exteriors, so that you keep falling in love with your sanctuary again and again. So here we have discussed 5 very common interior design mistakes many homeowners end up committing, and thereby destroying the stylish ambiance of their residences. Stay away or rectify these 5 mistakes, and watch your home emerge as a shining light in a dark world.

1. First Impressions

“First impression is the last impression”… you have surely heard of this adage a million times. A good first impression of your home is assured by how well planned your entrance is. Remember that even if you have a beautifully carved wooden door, a messy entryway can ruin its impact. So make sure that your entryway is clean and tidy, free from clutter, features minimal furniture, and flaunts freshly painted walls and a beautiful floor with no chipped edges or broken tiles or scratches. Ensure that it receives adequate light, introduce a potted plant for natural touch, or a pretty painting or sculpture for aesthetic pleasure.

2. Say No to Dirty Walls

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Old homes have the tendency to face a certain amount of neglect, and the walls are the most visible form of this neglect. So they need regular coats of paint to make sure they look fresh and new. And would you want to live in a home with damp, mouldy or dingy walls? Surely not. So you can use lukewarm water to clean walls, if you don’t want to invest in painting them regularly. Beautiful and bright wallpapers can also cover old walls effectively and bring in a refreshing new-like feel to your interiors. Take a cue from this gorgeous wall art by the designers at IXXI, and spice up any room in seconds.

3. Avoid Boring Colours

It is important that you pick the right colour scheme for your home, since colours can affect your mood in so many ways. In your head, a red and black room might look great, but in reality, these colours might end up creating a visually jarring environment. An all-white bedroom is a beautiful idea, but it is wise to throw in a few pastel shades or a hint of some bold hue to break the monotony. Or else, the overall look might be too bland and uninspiring. Also, if you pick a light colour scheme for a room, make sure that you don’t use a lot of glossy paint or a lot of glossy furniture.

4. Stay Away from Clutter

No matter how well designed and well planned a room is, too many décor items can ruin the vibe of the room. Choose furniture and accessories carefully. Don’t pick up everything you see and like, without having a proper plan in your mind. In order to shop strategically for the furniture and décor items in a room, make a list beforehand based on the room’s design and layout. Try and group decor items which complement each other together, for uniformity and neatness as shown in this room.

5. Dark Interiors are a Complete No

Natural light is essential in making a home look happy, breathable, spacious and inviting. So make sure that when you are planning and designing your home, the designer or architect includes a lot of windows or stylish glazing. Dark and gloomy rooms can be a bummer even if they feature the most exquisite furnishing or unique decorative pieces. For artificial lighting, choose a mix of different kinds of light like ambient lighting, task lighting, mood lighting etc. And make sure that the fixtures are contemporary and elegant.

So what are you waiting for? Stay away from these basic interior designing mistakes, discover the true beauty of your abode, and earn admiration from friends and family. Here's another story that might inspire you too - 8 brilliant white spaces that you will just love!

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