A post-war German home fully restored!

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Sanierung Siedlungshaus, Architekturbüro Heike Krampitz Architekturbüro Heike Krampitz
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Settlement houses characterize numerous German cities. They are functional buildings erected during the post-war period. They are not very attractive and contemporary but more and more architects and developers realize the potential that lies dormant in such houses as this one. Our experts from the architectural firm Krampitz turned the this dull and nondescript home into a stylish and modern abode.

Before: Street view

Here we see the facade of the house facing facing north-west before the renovation work began. It is a typical village house with a compact, functional design in which a gable roof is one of its architectural finesses. 

After: Transformation

After our experts tackled the facade, this is what it looks like in its rehabilitated state. They have fully modernized the home. Although the house retained its original look with a steep roof and the block-like ground floor, it now appears much more modern, friendly and inviting. The use of different materials and colors make it look interesting, whilst the diagonal windows on the ground floor in contrast to the diamond shaped window in the attic give it intricate details. 

Garden view previously

Classical settlement houses often have a relatively large outdoor area which especially helped during the war and postwar years in which there was a vegetable garden to feed the family. In this image we see the yard and the shed with its dilapidated plaster, which appears rather sad and gloomy.

Garden view afterwards

As part of the renovation and restoration work, the rear part of the house was not only visually adapted to the front, but it is now also supplemented by an office annex. The warm, natural wood brings a cozy touch to the home that makes it appear bright and friendly. The large garden plot shows us its full potential!

The entrance before

This is what the entrance of the home looked like before the renovation took place. It is rather sad an uninviting. We can see that the porch is cold and inhospitable, whilst the facade of the home appears very run-down. 

The entrance after

Now the entrance is much more open, unrestricted and friendly. It is tailored to the design of the rest of the house and it welcomes both residents and guests.


On the south side of the house we can see the renovation work was directed to a spacious, partially covered terrace in which there is plenty of space for relaxing, sunbathing or for a cozy gathering. 

Numerous pots and potted plants provide the necessary green, whilst the large patio door allows plenty of natural light into the house and connects the interior with the exterior.

If you want to revamp your old home facade, take a look at this restoration project of a post-war German home!

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