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Wimbledon LEIVARS Modern Bathroom
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High gloss finishes are almost always associated with luxury, opulence and style. And what better place is there to impart such as lavish finish, than one's bathroom? Our bathrooms are more often than not our relaxing retreats, places we can go to rest, renew, and reinvigorate our bodies and our minds. In order to comfortably refresh ourselves, we need a stylish and sophisticated space. Today on homify we are taking a look at perfectly reflective washrooms, areas that sparkle, shine, and sing. From high gloss chrome bathtubs, to gleaming tiles, we have selected seven of our favourite designs.

If you are looking for some interior inspiration, or are thinking of renovating your bathroom, check out the images below, and plan your next home makeover with confidence and pizzazz!

Reflective glory

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark Drummonds Bathrooms Scandinavian style bathroom
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark

Drummonds Bathrooms

Featuring a gorgeous freestanding tub, this is definitely one of our favourite high gloss bathrooms! Oozing style and a chic aesthetic, this wash space is wonderfully luxurious and unique. As well as the tub that is replete with a chrome outer finish and a porcelain interior, the room also incorporates a high gloss floor tile, shiny marble vanity, and marble tiled shower wall. The colour scheme of this room is a beautiful off-white, which reflects the high gloss finishes seen throughout. Designed by Drummonds, this is a truly spectacular bathing space.

High gloss features

Nero Portofino Marble in a polished finish (designed by Sian Parry Jones). Artisans of Devizes Classic style bathroom
Artisans of Devizes

Nero Portofino Marble in a polished finish (designed by Sian Parry Jones).

Artisans of Devizes

If there was ever a colour to make a statement, black is definitely it! This bathroom maximises its bold potential, and incorporates a shiny black marble floor, black and white tub, as well as high gloss black paint trim for the doors and windows. This really is a perfect space for feeling a little indulgent, while relaxing and refreshing. 

Shiny happy bathrooms

If you have a small or compact space to work with, consider a bright, high gloss finish to add luxury and spaciousness to your room. Here in this gorgeous little bathroom, the area has been completely transformed to incorporate floor to ceiling gloss tiles in a bright canary yellow. The large window brings a huge volume of natural illumination into the space, and reflects it across the space and throughout the wash area. A wonderful use of a cheerful and entertaining hue, this bathroom is truly a joy to behold!

Opulent luxury

For absolute luxury and opulence, you simply cannot look past this gorgeous bathroom! Replete with floor to ceiling marble, the room is enhanced further with a mirrored vanity. Boasting a large window, light flows into this wash area, bounces around, and ensures a light, bright, and airy space. The epitome of class and elegance, this bathroom is gorgeously decorated and designed for the height of sophisticated bathing. 

Scandinavian simplicity

Loft bathroom homify Modern Bathroom

Loft bathroom


The next bathroom we are taking a look at is a stunning Scandinavian inspired design that maximises light, high gloss finishes, and timber elements, to create an interesting and original room. Combining different textures works beautifully in this space. If you are considering high gloss finishes for your washroom, think about pairing them with a contrasting element to establish interest and intrigue within the space. The timber components also soften the high gloss marble and fixtures, adding a homely and welcoming vibe. 

Heritage timelessness

Wimbledon LEIVARS Modern Bathroom



Heritage bathrooms really benefit from an elegant high gloss design. Here in this example we see a gorgeous high gloss vanity that looks perfect combined with the soft upholstered seat, and Hollywood dressing room bulb lights. The subway tiling evokes a sense of vintage glamour and looks effortlessly chic against the other white accessories and fixtures. 

Sleek, chic, and contemporary

The last bathroom we are looking at today is a wonderfully contemporary space replete with a bold high gloss black vanity. This monolithic piece of joinery is softened by an all white colour scheme, and coordinated with a dark black floor. The long linear shape of this sink offers the occupant a stylish and sophisticated room, as well as a functional bathing space. 

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