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The most colourful and vibrant house

Ольга Макарова (Экодизайн) Study/office
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Colors add life to a room! Houses with a spash of colors are far more cherished and enjoyed by the family members than houses with dull shades. This beautiful residence is a perfect blend of powerful and bright colors that help to intensify the contemporary charm and elegance. With a unique designing concept, you are definitely going to experience pure genius artwork here.

Colorful bedroom

The bedroom is a colorful abode. A huge king size bed fills most of the area of this room. The ceiling, the doors and the walls are painted in bright orange and appear to be in perfect unison. A sleek old style mirror rests in one corner with a rustic chest of drawers holding the space opposite the bed. The bedroom comes with two lamps mounted on the wall itself and thus no side tables. Also the paintings are very creatively placed and can be seen hanging in the loft area. The wall behind the bed has beautiful artwork done to brighten up the already vibrant space. All in all, this room is a beautiful palette of colors. 

Burst of colors in the bathroom

The bedroom comes with an attached bathroom. The bathroom is again a soothing burst of colors arising from the walls to the storage decks. Red shade emerges as an undefeated hero. The bright red ceiling and the red rug compliment the washed hues of the bedroom walls. A separate shower area is built in stone finished tiles that are purely rustic yet classy. A small red caddy is elegantly placed besides the basin area for added comfort. The bathroom is further decorated with artistic patterns on the mirror. This is completely unique and lends the bathroom a totally new dimension.

Subtle living room

The living room of this residence is pretty subtle with no connection with bright colors and artistic patterns. A long beige couch sprawls besides a cool coffee table. A simple and plain wooden TV cabinet helps you lounge after a busy day at work. This area is very relaxing and has a distinct homely feel to it.

The dressing room

The dressing room is the place to caress and pamper yourself. This area with a rustic wooden flooring and a chic wallpaper is a pure delight. A feminine vanity along with cane furniture fill this room with love and togetherness. There is a personalized table and bookshelf provided to enjoy a good read in the natural sunlight spreading in the entire room through the wide glass windows.

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The study area

This house also has a separate study area that acts as a regular office and also as a library. With a sleek bookshelf on one side and a huge sofa set covering the entire area, you can expect an uninterrupted read here. The subtle wallpaper and unique curtain design blend in well with the sofa hues and lends the room a touch of uniformity and class.

Music room

This is the ultimate place to relax and lounge amidst some melodious songs and tunes. This room has a very rustic feel to it with wallpaper and flooring giving their best effects. This is totally a place of solitude where you can compose your own tunes and get inspired by color and rustic patterns. 

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