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Interior decor: these 10 staircases will leave you breathless

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If at any time you believe that stairs are made to just go up and down, you may never have approached projects such as these before. 

You can make a ladder in a creative architectural space by giving it a starring role and in the following article you will see what some talented professionals have done to make these staircases the center of attention. Whilst some have been transformed into simple, beautiful and decorative elements, others are grand projects taking center stage in a home. Follow us and take the invitation to walk through some of these stunning environments which we guarantee will leave you awestruck. 

Interior decor: these 10 staircases will leave you breathless

1. A magnificent glass staircase

This creation is a beautiful idea that the designers Railing London simply called: open laminated glass and tempered staircase. However, we realize that the absence of a handrail makes it look like a floating ladder!

Its glass steps are fastened directly to the wall which is illuminated by a gentle glow which emanates from the LED lamps to mark a transitional space. The choice of elements such as wood around the staircase give a very elegant and beautiful look.

2. Involving an aquarium

This staircase is simply amazing and goes beyond being a functional artistic element: it is a true work of art. 

The beautiful glass staircase relies on a curved design in which its railing surrounds a large cylindrical tank in the heart of the room. Its glass walls offer protection, but also transparency for plants and fish in the aquarium and can be viewed from almost any angle. The ultra-modern touch is due to the LED fixtures, giving a beautiful and modern result to the environment.

3. With nothing to hide

This modern staircase is set amidst beautiful glass walls and large skylights. Taking full advantage of natural light to enhance the accuracy of the lines, it is amazing how the black strokes and the presence of just a few steps make the whole design simply charming. The interior architects have left behind a modern masterpiece with this design. 

4. Elegance in black details

This spiral staircase is proof that certain designs are created to gain immortality. The classic combination of wooden steps with the addition of black colors, provide an excellent composition in any space, making sure the result is elegant and beautiful. The rest of the room is comprised of warm-tones and a bright white wall which create a crisp contrast. The wallpaper in the background mimics a brick texture and adds a touch industrial to the scene.

5. Composing an art studio

Is there such a thing as too much natural light? In a spot like this, where there is a lot of light coming in, we can use objects to decorate the interior to create a contrast of light and shadow. 

This industrial-style staircase is equipped with pieces of glass on the side, which integrates it with the rest of the space. The simplicity of the lines and their perpendicular position with respect to other glass elements which are present in the ceiling, make the environment look like a beautiful art gallery.  

6. Creative cubism

If you want a modern house, minimalist, artistic and enjoy the presence of geometric elements in the decor, the staircase can be an excellent way to achieve these aims. 

In this image, we can see that the steps of the galore wooden staircase are made up of light and dark tones. The presence of LED lighting makes it appear as if the wood is glowing and gives the staircase an incredibly modern and charming look.

7. Charming curves

A staircase can also act as a decorative feature in a home environment. When decorating with curves, staircases exude a special charm that deserves to be admired. At this point, the big secret is knowing how to work with the lines of the rail, as we can see in this beautiful setting. If you stand at the bottom of the staircase you can see that the handrails seem to be joined to each other whilst the space between them is actually gently separated. Arriving at the top floor, we see how the handrails seem to meet again, which results in an artfully designed environment.

8. Multipurpose beauty

A way in which interior architecture has been expanding is by creating spaces in which we can make use of space in multiple ways. The opening under the stairs in this image has been used to its full advantage. Shelves were designed and added under the stairs to follow the curved design of the structure. The result is a modern and stylish additional storage shelf that assists with the organization of space inside the home. 

9. Beyond functionality

In this space, we note the use of the stairway as a visual access point. The artwork that is distributed along the walls is framed in a dark tone which creates a contrast to the neutral hues of the room. The roof is equipped with a set of rectangular skylights which offer complementary lighting that skillfully enhances the whole space. The result is simple and inspiring!

10. Luminous

We want to conclude this ideabook with an exciting suggestion that you can easily add to your home: LED lamps embedded in the gap between the steps and the side wall. If the steps of your staircase do not have this, the option is to choose small transparent hoses that hold this type of lamp. The result is incredibly magical!

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Feeling inspired by these staircase designs? Tell us which design took your breath away. 
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