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Designed by Italian architects 3D-Arch, the Micro House is a unit just the right size for two people to get away from the hustle and bustle. Nestled in the quiet hills of Italy, this exciting and refreshing house is a sign of things to come. As we watch the world's population grow, and living spaces downsize, the Micro House is an ingenious and inventive solution to many of today's housing problems—and it really is a surprisingly delightful home.   

Built from durable materials, the Micro House is made to withstand many weather conditions, and is perfect for year round use. Requiring next to no maintenance, it is ideal to be left unused for long periods of time, and will be ready to use whenever you may need. But most of all, the micro house is deceptive. While it may not look like much from the outside, inside lie many invaluable ideas that can be applied to modern, daily life in the city.  

So if you are after tips on how to easily increase your storage space, or which furniture is the most versatile, or clever ways to use colour to convert spaces, the micro house will have some advice for you. Let's take a closer look to see just what makes this project so successful! 

The House Of Illusions

Sure, it may not look like much from the outside, but the Micro House is guaranteed to surprise you with it's adaptability, versatility and resourcefulness. Making the most of what it has, this house can achieve much with very little.  

With high ceilings and multi layers, there is a lot of space within. The oversized windows on the front facade let in as much sunlight and warmth as possible. The central wooden panel is actually a sliding door that can cover as much, or as little, of the windows as you would like. And the front terrace remains flat, hard wearing and accessible. You could easily keep an outdoor grill, or mountain bikes here, ready for easy use. 

The Feature Wall

Now we get our first look at the interior, and it's easy to see the impact a feature wall has. Choosing lime green to set off the painted white floorboards, wall and ceiling, it freshens up the room and make sure the room doesn't become too heavy, drab or fussy. The colour also works wonders next to the wooden bookcase and wooden furniture. 

A feature wall helps 'ground' the room, and when matched with accessories, is an easy way to tie the whole space together. When choosing your own colour, make sure you go for something that is light and optimistic (usually warmer tones are better).

Room Within A Room

It is unavoidable that the living space is smaller than most, but that doesn't mean it isn't relaxing. Through smart placement of furniture, lighting and decorations, there is a separation from the rest of the house. 

Again, the feature wall plays an important part and helps create an extra 'room' within the larger room. The wall cabinet, and extra wide sofa are the exact proportions for the space, and are placed to fit in with the feature wall. The standing lamp helps create a different mood when guests are seated on the sofa. 

Black and white furniture balance out the citrus green just right and keep the room smart and sophisticated.

Table For Two

Another example to the incredibly smart design of the micro house, is the kitchen. Equipped with all the mod cons, it will be sure to suit every cooking need one might have. The high ceiling means there is plenty of air circulation and ventilation in the space, and will stop the kitchen ever feeling stuffy or closed in. There is also the added bonus of watching the action and enjoying the smells in the kitchen from the upstairs bedroom.  

A compact square wooden table on the side wall is the perfect addition to complete the full dining experience. 

Step By Step

The staircase is one of the best surprises in the micro house. Proving everything can be multipurpose, it isn't just used for one thing. Instead it has been spliced down the middle and one half is now, ingeniously, a bookcase. 

This proves that even the most mundane of things can become something extraordinary, and may make you think about how you see the unwanted features in your own home. 

Sleeping Underneath The Stars

It is easy to see the appeal of having the bedroom on the mezzanine floor, where you can sleep with your head underneath the stars. Having the bedroom here also has the added benefit of being warm at night time after heating up all day, making it extra cosy when it comes to bedtime.

Also note the bed cover matches perfectly with the downstairs feature wall, continuing the colour scheme seamlessly throughout the house. 

A Vision At Night

And in the cloak of darkness it is easy to see exactly what a delight the micro house is! Warmly illuminated, it looks like it is the most cosy, romantic getaway to the country you could ask for. And even though the square meterage isn't huge, the personality and attractiveness of the place is!

If you aren't yet convinced that good things can come in small packages, then be sure to check out the Pocket House that was made from a container ship, and you will surely change your mind.  

How much room do you need to comfortably live in? Tell us about the smallest space you have stayed in! 

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