15 Big ideas for small gardens

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The wonderful part about home design is that size doesn't matter. You can have a beautiful home no matter your budget or the size of your space. Bold ideas can even make small spaces seem bigger than they are. The backyard is a great space to explore nature and expressing your creativity. It's a space for outdoor relaxation and enjoyment. 

If your outdoor space is small then you'd like, don't be stressed. By selecting a few simple ideas from the list below, you'll be able to make the most out of your small outdoor space while packing a big punch.

1. Going the distance with greenery

Using a monochromatic color scheme makes indoor spaces seem larger, so why not take this outside? Surrounding the garden in greenery, such as grass and ivy, makes all of the furniture stand out more and gives the feeling of more space.

Whether it's with one color of paint or with one type of plant, you won't feel like you're in a small backyard anymore.

2. No place to sit? No problem!

Even if there isn't enough room to put a table and chairs, you can still utilize you outdoor space by adding a small landscape with a walking path surrounded by vegetation. Adding plants of different colors and heights will give this small space dimension and the illusion that it's bigger.

3. Don't let limited space hinder you from having a lot of plants

A different take on a vertical garden, this tiered planter allows you to make use of your wall space to incorporate as many plants as possible into your small space. Utilizing the ground and wall space with plants on different levels also gives the appearance of a larger space.

4. An urban garden surrounded by greens

Just because you're in the city doesn't mean you can't have plants! Surround yourself with ferns, flowers, and even herbs in different planters. Get creative with design, color, and heights with these pots for the illusion of a grand garden. Add a cozy table and chairs and you'll be sitting in your own Garden of Eden in no time!

5. Clean and minimal backyards for the low maintenance

Many urban gardens can feel cramped because of the walls that surround it. Don't let the limited open space limit you from creating a the patio of your dreams. Adding a few statement plants, such as a palm tree or large fern, will give you the greenery without overcrowding the space. A small outdoor fountain and comfortable chairs, will give this space an open, airy feel.

6. Art is everywhere in this small garden

Don't let small spaces limit your creativity. A beautiful mosaic tile pattern on the ground will create an exquisite backdrop for the rest of your garden. An ivy-covered wall and dainty bench compliment each other while leaving the main focus on the art below.

7. Hanging around in your small garden

Limited space doesn't mean you can't have a nice place to sit and relax. Utilizing the space above, hanging chairs are a fun and creative way to include seating without taking up too much space. 

8. A vertical garden for all your needs

The most classic way to save space in your outdoor garden is the vertical garden. Whether you live in a small apart and have a balcony, or a small townhouse with limited outdoor space, using a wall to house your plants is genius. From flowers to herbs, the possibilities are endless and always beautiful.

9. Long and narrow poses no problem for entertaining

Many people like to entertain in their backyards, especially in summertime. Maximizing seating is a must for a small backyard. Lining the walls with built-in benches allows for a number of seats without sacrificing space A vertical garden also allows for greenery without the need of much space. 

10. Odd shaped gardens don't have to be limited

An oddly shaped space is always difficult to design, even more so when the space is small. In this garden we can see the use of a built-in bench that follows the curved walls to increase seating. Even with limited ground space, you can incorporate plants into a small garden with open small gaps in the tiles to create a visually interesting outdoor space. 

11. Small gardens can have a pool

For those who love the idea of relaxing poolside in your backyard, don't let a space space scare you. Keeping the vegetation to a minimum and letting the pool shine as the focal point gives this space a clean look without sacrificing on design. Who says you can't have it all?

12. Turn your sunroom into an outdoor sanctuary

You can still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors even without a backyard. Fill your sunroom with hundreds of small plants of all shapes and sizes to immerse yourself in lush greenery. Add a clean and simple table and chairs and give the plants the spotlight in this space.

13. A gazebo with a huge wow factor

A gazebo is perfect for any backyard, big or small. It creates a room within your outdoor space but still has an open and airy feel. Rather than having a lot of plants, incorporate the greenery onto the gazebo and leave the space below solely for seating. Add an interesting light fixture and you have a beautiful space that everyone wants to come to.

14. Creativity is key in small spaces

Being creative is a huge part of making a small space both practical and interesting. Try using different materials, such as stone and wood, to create a visually interesting floor that creates a larger feel. Maximize the amount of space you have by adding various plants to all the nooks and crannies of the garden. Add a small fountain or pool with lots of bench seating, and you've transformed a small space into a piece of art.

15. Minimal says a lot

For those who are more on the modern and minimal side of things, try adding a statement wall to your garden. It will be the focal point of the garden without taking up any space at all. Adding a couple of tall plants will elongate the space, making it feel bigger. Complete the look with a small dining table for a garden that's sure to please everyone.

Have a small backyard or garden? Let us show you the way to turn your small backyard into your own outdoor sanctuary.

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