9 Design mistakes to avoid in your bedroom

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There is no place like home, and there is no room like your bedroom. While you might share all other spaces with the other members of your family, the bedroom is all yours to enjoy and relax in. Which is why, it is imperative that you avoid some common mistakes while designing or decorating this particular room. A serene and visually appealing bedroom can offer sanctuary from the daily worries, work anxieties and urban bustle. But a badly planned one can be a nightmare, literally! So here are 9 pitfalls you need to stay away from, to make your bedroom the place you yearn to come back to every day.

1. Lack of Privacy

One of the most important functions of your bedroom is to provide privacy. But when your design does not incorporate that, you need to rectify it immediately. You can either use dark coloured curtains if your bedroom has big windows, or go for tinted glass. Also ensure that your bedroom has a proper door to give you some personal space. The simple but elegant drapes in this bedroom were supplied by Kaaten, suppliers of curtains, blinds and shutters in Barcelona.

2. Size Matters

Pick your furniture based on the size of your room, so that nothing is jarring to the eye. Furniture that is too big will make your room seem small and not give you enough space to move around. After all, you want to feel like you are in your bedroom, not in a furniture warehouse, right?

3. Mind the Bed

If you don’t have the right kind of bed, your bedroom can hardly be called a bedroom. The size of the bed is also an important factor contributing to the overall design and appeal of your bedroom. A bed that takes up too much space makes it difficult to arrange the rest of the furniture and décor items in the bedroom.

4. Choosing a Colour Scheme

It is a known fact that the type of colours you are surrounded with can set your mood in the bedroom. A bedroom is a place for you to relax. Therefore, it is ideal if you use hues that are calming, such as blue, white and gray. Using bright shades such as red, pink or orange can bring in too much energy and destroy the tranquil vibe of the room.

5. Wrong Lighting

No matter how beautiful a light fixture or lamp looks, it may not necessarily go well with the design or decor scheme of your bedroom. This room needs appropriate lighting for reading, watching TV, selecting clothes from the wardrobe, or ensuring safety if you need to get up at night. So instead of having one single type of lighting, use a mix of different types to cater to your varied needs. And definitely stay away from disproportionately large or small fixtures as shown here. They can be extremely distracting when you are planning to drift off to sleep.

6. Maintain Design Continuity

Every room in your house must come together to form a cohesive design. You cannot have an industrial style kitchen and a traditional style bedroom. The two styles just don’t go together. So while planning your bedroom, keep the overall design theme in mind.

7. Avoid Excess Furniture

Pick your furniture pieces carefully. Get what you need and nothing more or nothing less. Or else, all the unnecessary furniture will take up space in your bedroom and you won’t even get to use all of it! Remember to leave a little room for you to get from the door to the bed too.

8. Right Place, Right Furniture

All furniture pieces have a specific place in your bedroom. For instance, you can’t have a bookshelf almost in front of your bathroom door, or hang a painting on the window, can you? So respect the layout of your room and place your furniture accordingly.

9. Say no to clutter

Everyone goes through a furniture-shopping phase when they want to buy a million things for their bedroom. It can be a cute lamp, a candle stand, an ornate picture frame… or many other odds and ends. But ask yourself if you really need that accessory. Exactly what function will it serve? Don’t use too many décor items or you will end up with an extremely cluttered bedroom.

So if you have committed any of the above mistakes, or were about to, get a grip and get it right! It’s a cakewalk to have the perfect bedroom if you remember these don’ts. For more ideas, check out another story - 11 Clever Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger.

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