6 Secrets to make your yard look sensational!

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CASA CEIBA, EcoEntorno Paisajismo Urbano EcoEntorno Paisajismo Urbano Tropical style garden
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It is always wonderful to come home and admire everything about our garden, but what do we do when the grass starts to look pale or yellow or even begins to detach and start to look bare? This can happen to artificial or natural grass!

Like everything, grass has a certain life cycle before it begins to lose its qualities such as its greenery, smoothness and uniformity and then it ceases to be as beautiful as it was when we first planted it.

That is why it's always a good idea to spend some time learning how to renew the natural carpet so that when yours starts to show wear and tear, you have everything organized so that you can fix your lawn in a matter of days. You'll also learn how to become your own gardener.

Today, we bring you tips from some of the top professionals in the world and show you how you can become a true lawn professional yourself!

1. Level the soil

Analyze the shape of your garden and define what area you have available. This is a great starting point as you will see how different levels in this space impact the growth of the grass. 

If you are already going to remove your old lawn, this could be a great opportunity to even out the soil throughout the garden space, creating a more level and uniform lawn patch. This is not the only option—some residents really enjoy the highs and lows of the garden areas.

The great thing about a level garden is that you can use it in the evening as well! Even if the garden isn't well-lit, you don't have to worry about tripping over uneven mounds in the garden or bare patches of lawn.

2. Remove the battered or dry grass

One of the most important things to do when it comes to dying grass is to remove it immediately. Whether the grass is pale or completely dry, it needs to be removed otherwise it will make your garden look completely worn out. If you don't have the time or budget to start replacing your grass, you need to think up a new strategy.

So take the time to plan everything, including how many hours you think that you can dedicate to the garden as well as the budget that you have to spend. Once you've worked this out, you can become quite excited about the new features that you can add to your garden. You can also choose plants and flowers that will bring out signature themes from the interior space.

3. Dedicate time and patience to the new lawn

The weather forecasts, the shape of your garden and even the elements that you use to decorate the garden should be elements that you consider if you want to be a true gardener. This will give you a place to start!

This design, by Ecoentorno Paisajismo Urbano, shows how the large garden has been utilized. Grass has been planted in every corner! 

When it comes to a large garden, the best tip is to divide up each section of the garden and go slowly. Don't rush the planting of the grass! You will see that the finish is very beautiful, modern and chic.

4. Have the tools that you need for lawn care

Even the most professional of gardeners needs a bit of help, so you should invest in some tools to make gardening more practical and convenient. 

One good tool that is a must is a rake. This will allow you to rake up old leaves and rubbish, keeping your garden looking neat and tidy. A spare shovel is also a good investment, allowing you to dig flower beds and plant your trees just like an expert.

This design is an example of brilliant work, where the green lawn co-exists beautifully with the paved walkways and the flower beds. Wouldn't you love to read your book or enjoy a glass of wine surrounded by this beauty?

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5. Planting new grass carefully

Now put all of your energy and creativity into the placement of your new lawn. Remember to hydrate the space well before planting the grass and to move slowly, placing each section down carefully. You don't want to do it too quickly and end up making a mess!

Once you are finished, ensure that it's planted securely and then water the grass again so that it immerses itself in the soil entirely.

Here the designers have provided us with a beautiful example, where the synthetic lawn installation looks very much like natural grass. The overall effect is very sensational!

6. Water the lawn regularly

Now that you have your fresh new lawn, doesn't it look wonderful? It depends on you and your family entirely to continue looking after your grass so that it remains looking as beautiful. Take the time to water it as often as possible. Also feed it nutrients, prune it regularly and protect it from weeds.

In this design, we can see how beautiful a lawn can look with care and attention. 

We cannot deny that this garden plays a great role in the overall look and feel of the home and the grass is the dominant feature of the garden. By creating a fresh and renewed lawn, you can bring vitality and energy to the exterior space. 

If you want a spectacular garden, you need to pay special attention to the lawn.

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