Home hacks: 13 smart closet ideas

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In the modern world, closet has become synonymous with storage spaces. Most of us prefer homes with ample organized storage space, where we can store all the clothes, accessories, footwear and other stuff conveniently at one place. This allows for a judicious use of living spaces that are otherwise difficult to employ.

Many a times, due to space crunch, we are forced to limit our purchases. Rethinking of spaces can create amazing solutions to this problem, and today I am going to walk you through some innovative closet ideas that demonstrate excellent space management in designer styles. Get set go!

Home hacks: 13 smart closet ideas

All in One

With all the storage compartments available in one piece, this closet very optimally utilizes the available space thereby providing a very convenient storage option.  Relaxed, modular and contemporary, this closet also has a ladder attached to allow easy access to the upper part. It is ideal for Studio apartments. 

Cabinet of Convenience

This closet style offers a wall cabinet with a lot of space for many kinds of belongings. Fitted in the wall, it is an excellent example of efficient space management for storage in homes with limited space. Such closets could be customized to one’s preferences of material, size, color and design. You just have to make sure that there is enough space for hanging clothes and for accessoires as hats, scarfs etc.

Every Space Counts, Even your Bathroom!

These days, the traditional idea of having closet spaces in the bedroom is getting modified to that of utilizing every space possible. Interior designers & decorators are turning towards utilizing even commodious bathroom cabinets and transforming them into aesthetic closet spaces.

No space? DIY in Style

Your bedroom does not have provision for any storage space? No worries, you just need to rearrange your furniture. Move your bed to a side, put a curtain rod, fix in a light or two, throw in a couple of racks & shelves and there you go! A closet tailor made to your needs, all designed by yourself.

The ideabook 11 Clever Ways to Make your Bedroom Look Bigger presents a number of ideas for storage spaces in the bedroom.  

Glass Doors for the Spacious Look

Rooms with a limited space look even smaller and darker if there is a lot of cluttering on the walls or wooden partitions to demarcate storage spaces. This is where a glass door comes in handy. See through doors for wall closets give the room an air of spaciousness, and within those, a neatly arranged closet adds to room décor too!

Optimization is the Key

Insufficient storage space could be made into a convenient one through simple optimization. Revamping the closet space to add a couple of racks/ shelves, small cupboards, etc., fixing some lights and putting carpets in there could add a modish touch to the closet alongside adding more storage compartments.

Closet anywhere you like!

Putting a tube/ rod, hangers and a couple of racks, one could have a small closet space for clothes and accessories anywhere in the house. It is easy and suited to one’s convenience within the available space.

Airtight for Clean Storage

Storage cabinets with airtight doors are a must for dust-free storage of clothes, especially when the closet is near a window. Closets with sliding doors are better than those with magnetic catchers for door flaps, for well ventilated BUT small living spaces.

Everything will Fall into Place

Key to good storage organization is allotting a dedicated place to every component within the available space. A well arranged closet with everything put in its own shelf/ rack/ hanger makes it easy to find them and maintain a prim & proper storage space.

Simply Open

Open closets work the best in small spaces, where major revamping is not required for storage. Easily available in departmental stores, once installed, the closet is ready for use. Moreover, it is far easier to renovate that the other closet designs!

Reflecting Storage with élan

Closet doors fitted with mirrors not only make efficient usage of space, but also make the room look bigger, brighter, well lit and ritzy. Not to forget, the mirror shows your dapper looks!

Light and Bright

A well lit closet with interiors done in light colors gives a good visibility inside, alongside lending the space a sober and classy ambiance.

Space that Reflects your Creativity

This customizable closet practicably merges storage space and dressing room. The spotlights on the mirror justify the term “well lit” fully, giving it a uniquely bright & stylish look. The closet space can be personalized to one’s taste, with embellishments on the mirror as well!

Which of these smart ways of storage are you going to adopt?

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