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9 Living Wall Ideas for a Gorgeous Patio

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Living walls are also popularly known as green walls, and are increasingly gaining popularity as a decorative and eco-friendly accent for homes as well as offices. Unlike ivy walls or green facades, the plants comprising living walls obtain water and nutrients from the structural support that is affixed to any exterior or interior wall of a building. So they are space-saving vertical gardens which are self-reliant and can transform the ambiance of any spot in seconds!

Nowadays, space is a premium for most homes and apartments, which might make it difficult for you to embark on traditional horizontal gardening. But if you are lucky enough to have a small patio, terrace or even a modest balcony, a living wall can spruce up its ambiance and lend it a unique touch. So check out these 9 stunning ideas for such walls, and get ready to bring nature home!

A lush balcony

Rendered extremely creatively by the architects at BC Arquitectos, this balcony enthrals the senses with its pretty green wall. Pots of the same size and holding similar plants have been mounted on a wrought iron frame against the wall, while raw wooden planks deck the spaces in between. The slim slats on the floor enhance the organic appeal of the wall, while the plush swing promises countless hours of leisure.

When a gazebo meets a green wall

The verdant and spacious patio here stands out, thanks to the stylish wooden gazebo. An extensive living wall, well-maintained bushes, and lively potted greens make the chic seating area a natural retreat of sorts. The enchanting lanterns and clever ground lights enhance the beauty of nature further.

A living wall with a twist

If you don’t want your vertical garden to be attached to your wall, then go for a charming and robust freestanding structure like the one shown here. Crafted cleverly from wood, with in-built planters, this sleek and slatted delight can hold different plants and can be fitted easily into a balcony. Since it’s portable, you can change its position in your home as per your wish.

Wooden panels to the rescue

Slim wooden panels with customised pots deck the wall of the shaded patio here. These can easily accommodate small plants and require less maintenance too.

How about a green corridor?

If a corridor in your house receives oodles of natural light, its wall can be perfect for setting up a vertical garden. This passage for instance, looks intensely lively and fresh with a living wall on the left, small potted greens on the right, and a sleek bench for enjoying the environs.

Make large patios look grand

If you own a sprawling property with an extensive pool and patio area, then make the most of it by introducing a large living wall near the seating area perhaps. You can brighten it up with soothing lights and admire the pretty reflection on the pool. Also note how the wall beside the pool with its large windows has been used intelligently to organise greenery. This also makes for a green wall of sorts.

Add pots and planters too

If you are not satisfied with only a living wall, try out the decor style shown above. Add pots and planters in beautiful shapes, sizes and patterns to augment the appeal of a sleek green wall. Just make sure that you align everything roughly in a linear fashion, so that the essence of having a special “wall” is not lost.

Colour play

The interesting green wall here is eye-catching owing to the fact that it features both green and red bushes. The colour play coupled with the enticing wall lights and the clear blue pool makes an unforgettable picture.

Lively outdoor kitchen

Does your patio have a stylish kitchen for catering to those breezy outdoor meals or open air parties? Then jazz it up with a smart green wall and some focused lights. A solid wooden frame as shown here, can lend the living wall a more streamlined and smart look too.

So you now know that irrespective of the size of your outdoor space, you can always make room for a green wall or vertical garden with a bit of creativity and smart planning. Here’s another ideabook that might interest you - 10 cool ideas to create a gorgeous garden!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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