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So what if you live in a small house? It deserves the same grand entrance as any other mansion. After all, the first impression that you make on your guests has everything to do with an impressive entrance and elegant facade. And remember that a good architect can design and deliver a spectacular sprawling mansion and a beautiful small home with equal ease. So let nothing stop you from gifting your home a charming entrance which will arrest eyes and entice senses. Here are 8 wonderful ideas to get you started.

1. A Combination of Materials

Rendered by the architects at AAESTUDIO, texture play is the mantra of this residence, and stone and wood have been used in a clever way to create a unique façade which banks on simple but elegant lines. The horizontal wooden slats on the left highlight the gray stone wall on the right, and contributes to a stylish peek-a-boo effect. The large entrance is rendered in wood and glass for a sleek and inviting effect.

2. Playing with Shapes

See something unique in this façade? Well, it is practically floating. The architect has used the difference in elevation in parts of the house, to create a unique design which looks lightweight and extremely contemporary. The combination of white and a rich, coffee brown further adds to the attractiveness of the structure.

3. Ultramodern Design

Usually, narrow entryways make it difficult to incorporate any kind of stylish design in a house. And yet, this designer has used the narrow entrance to create an ultramodern facade with double concrete frames, punctuated by metallic bars at the entrance. Even the interior uses metallic bars, enforcing continuity in design and visual appeal.

4. New Coat of Paint

You do not always need a new structure or a design miracle to improve the façade or entrance of your home. A simple change in colour can do the trick too. The before and after pictures of this house show how switching from dirty brown to white now makes the abode look bigger, brighter and way more elegant. The warm brown entrance door stands out against the whiteness, and so do the shingles on the roofs and window eaves.

5. Incorporating Glass

Famed as a classic combination, there is hardly any design that doesn’t look good in glass and stone. In this case for instance, stone has been used to set the frame of the house, while glass highlights the second storey of the same. The solid shutters for the ground storey offer enough privacy to the homeowners.

6. Stretching the Vertical Limit

Don’t let the shape of your house become a limitation for its stylish design. For example, this house is narrow and tall, but its unconventional structure has in no way hampered its sophisticated vibe. Rather, using these attributes, the architect has highlighted the long glass windows and doors, and used gray and white paint to give it all sleek, minimalistic and modern look.

7. Eye-Catching Contrasts

Think beyond the usual colour choices for facades. Taking a cue from this house, we think that the combination of dark blue and white can be unusual and eye-catching. The balance of light and dark is perfect. And the Louvre entrance door and windows lend a magical effect to the indoor lights streaming from within.

8. Fusion of Styles

Combining different materials allows architects and designers to play around with textures and colours. For this house for instance, the right combination of wood, stone and concrete has turned a small façade into a one-of-a-kind entryway. It definitely stands out from its neighbouring properties, with its wide welcoming porch, massive wooden door, sleek line of bushes and twinkling lights. 

So what are you waiting for? Consult an architect or builder today, glean inspiration from these ideas, and adorn your home with an entrance which will create a statement. Check out another ideabook that might pique your interest – 9 Gorgeous two-storey homes to inspire you.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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