Storage solutions: 9 Clever ways to use the space under your stairs

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Among the most unused and underestimated spaces in houses everywhere is the area under the stairs. The awkward positioning actually leaves room for a lot of creativity, though it may not be apparent at first. Most designers and architects tend to ignore this space and don’t bother considering it while planning the design and decor of an abode. But depending on the space you have under the stairs, you can turn it into a bar, library, room or even treat it as a functional extension of your living area. So take a look at these innovative suggestions here, and turn your staircase into something more than a structure that takes you up and down!

1. Indoor Garden

If you can’t have a garden outside, create one inside. The space under the stairs is perfect for growing a tiny garden with oodles of organic appeal. Consult an interior landscape designer to find out which plants will thrive inside. Add pebbles, sand and soft lighting to create a homely effect. 

Of course you can also use the space to place some plants, so you save space in your corridor or living room

2. Storage Shelves

How do people not think of this? The area under the stairs can be effectively used to store just about anything, with the help of some simple shelves. If you have kids, you can turn it into a store room for toys. Or go for a mini library as shown here, if you don’t know how to tackle the tons of books you have!

3. Compact Bar

If you would rather leave the space under the stairs as it is, this is a great way to utilize it. Get a jazzy table, and turn it into a mini bar. You can get a table with storage space to make sure that your entire stock of bar supplies is stored safely.

4. Designer Display

This beautiful display is a work of art. If you are fond of designer displays, your designer can help create something unique just for you. This display utilizes space behind the stairs in an exclusive manner, by combining lighting, bookshelves and rods that accentuate the overall decor of the house.

5. Secluded Work Space

On days when you want to work from home, you need a dedicated space that lets you focus. Turn the area under the stairs into your office. It has just enough space to hold a desk, a chair and some shelves for storage.

6. More Closet Space

We all run out of space to store our shoes, clothes, or bags, at some or the other time. So why not consider the space under stairs for a mini closet? You can either opt for inbuilt open shelves with easy access to your stuff or build a closed cupboard to keep away the dust. In addition you have another creative way to present your collection of shoes…

7. Mini Bathroom

Gone are the days when guests needed to make an awkward trip through your bedroom to use the bathroom. This mini guest bathroom is a genius idea because it utilizes the space perfectly, while giving you extra convenience and privacy. You can decorate the bathroom with an ornate mirror to create the illusion of space, and deck the walls with some peppy colour.

8. Library Location

There is always space in the house for more books. Get custom made or pre-made shelves that will fit into the space under your staircase. These will hold all your books easily, and you can grab one when you are sitting on the sofa. How cool is that!

9. Eccentric Artwork

Are you a fan of paintings? The area under the stairs is ideal to display your favourite piece. Utilizing this space for displaying art will save you the cost and time needed for constructing structures like shelves or cupboards too.

With all the exciting ideas shared above, you are probably now all set to spruce up the space under your stairs with a vengeance. Here’s another ideabook that might pique your interest too - 11 clever ways to use mirrors in your home.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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