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Woodworking: ​6 small closets you can build yourself

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We all know how practical a small closet/wardrobe is for storage as well as style—that's why we're showing you six beauties you can put together with a little bit of woodworking and a whole lot of home improvement enthusiasm. 

Small spaces: can’t live with them… or can you? With some out-of-the-box thinking and dedication, any small space can be transformed into a visually spacious and stylish area, regardless of where in the house it is located.

That’s what we on homify are all about – helping you with the practical and stylish side of life. Today we are focusing on the closet; you use it at least twice a day, so obviously it has to have a certain sense of functionality. But what if that dressing space of yours is not as spacious as you would like it to be?

To help with inspiration for you, let’s take a look at 6 stylish ideas when it comes to small closets / dressing spaces.

1. An open option

Who says those fashions and accessory items need to be hidden behind closed doors? An open corner, a few shelves and hooks, and you are on your way to creating a stylish little dressing space, as seen in our first example above. 

Remember to keep good distribution in mind (i.e. shoes down there, belts over here, etc.) for those mornings when you’re running late!

2. Secret spaces

Like magic, the wooden-clad wall swings open to reveal those stylish clothes awaiting your attention. When faced with not-so spacious areas (and a sloping roof), a built-in unit such as this can be a very clever trick to keep those fashions out of the way and save up some legroom. 

From lighting designers to moving companies, we have them all here on homify, and much more. Check out our professionals page.

3. Some reflection

A tiny closet, whether it’s a corner space or a built-in unit, can become most prominent with the mere presence of a mirror. Visually doubling up those clothing colours and patterns, as well as helping the reflecting light to bounce around, a mirror will make a world of difference to that small closet space. 

Try it out and see for yourself. 

Want some more info for those mirrors? Then have a look at: Your need-to-know guide for mirrors.

4. Sliding doors

Limited legroom? The last thing you need is additional doors swinging open to take up more floor space in your bedroom or wherever your dressing area is located.

Opt for sliding doors then – a small and simple solution, but trust us when we say that it makes a massive difference.

5. Dreamy colours

Whether it’s for a scatter cushion or a towel, the choice of colour you bring into your house can make all the difference, especially if it’s a rather small space. 

So, for that small closet/dressing area in your home, choose fresh and vibrant tones instead of dark and dramatic. We bet that this closet above would not have been half as striking if that cerulean blue was replaced by a darker hue.

6. Open and free-standing

No need to opt for built-in compartments or sliding doors if you don’t have the space (or budget). This free-standing unit above, looking most stylishly with its combination of metal pipes and wooden panels, flaunt a very delicious industrial-type look. And if you’re an avid DIYer, it’s a matter of minutes before you have created something similar for yourself back home. 

Best of all? It’s out in the open, meaning no more rummaging around that cluttered closet looking for that missing sock.

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