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CASA PRAIA, Tweedie+Pasquali Tweedie+Pasquali Tropical style dining room
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This modern home will sweep you and your guests right off your feet. It is elegant, comfortable, and spacious rooms are all suitable for entertaining. The architects Tweedie+Pasquali focused on making this home a hub of social interactivity. The design encourages contact and interaction, even between separate spaces. It also boasts gorgeous geometrical shape and beachy materials and decor that make every space feel like a vacation spot. Let's take a tour of this ultimate in entertaining. 

First Impressions

This impressive purple rectangle, perched on the sturdy white first floor, makes an elegant and modern statement. The gently sloped stairs that lead up to the house are wide and feel grand. The use of half glass as a railing on the top floor make it clear the space is a balcony, and already have us wondering what beautiful views can be seen from that height. 

Dinner Guests

This is the first space any frequent entertainer will want to see.The wood and white combination makes the whole dining space bright and natural, while the balance and symmetry of the furniture and decor take our breath away. The bamboo-leaf decor adds a touch of tropical style to the space, while the frames as the mantle centerpiece make for a lovely family display. Perhaps the best element of the room is the fresh and modern chair design. Without a rear support the chairs seem to float, and together they seem to create a pedestal for the exquisite dining table.  

Spacious Seating

This interior living space is bright and spacious, enough to seat party. To contrast with the remarkable white decor, tropical textures have been added in the carpet and the beach chairs. The fireplace has been made modern with the white pillar it sits within, and the mounted flat screen T.V. that sits above it is every sport fan's dream for watching the big game. If you're looking for ways to make your living room lavish, on a reasonable budget, you'll love these simple suggestions

The Open Floorplan

Those amazing marble stairs aren't just a thing of beauty, their open design also encourages interaction between the two floors of the home. As you walk up and down the stairs you can see the whole living space, the hallways to the bedrooms on the left, the balcony space, and the dining room beneath the balcony. This way, the stairs act as a kind of pathway for communication for the family as well as a path to the different space. 

Back Patio

Every home entertainer wants outdoor space to enjoy with their guests, and this home delivers. With two separate outdoor spaces the residents can choose between the intimate but sunny space on the left, or the larger space for big groups on the right (that also can't be rained out). The smaller mauve square on the right matches the style of the front of the building, providing some continuity. The windows above it are small and asymmetrical, a hallmark of modern home exteriors. 

View from the Balcony

This sweeping view of the community lake and nearby neighborhood is quite the sight. The green space and elegant palm trees of the view have been mirrored by the little plants decorating the balcony. While most of this space is safe from the elements, a gap for sunshine has been put into the roof to allow from some tanning in that lovely beach chair. The glass doors on the left are barely perceptible, letting the splendor of the outside trickle into the indoor space as well. 

Simple Furnishing

This balcony has been furnished with luxury in mind. The tall lanterns add flickering candle-light for romantic evenings. The side table has been prepared with sweet drinks and lovely golden chalices. The small white flower really adds an extra touch of romance. The towel is a clever idea, whether for the occasional spill or for the residents to use after they've hit the indoor gym. 

If this simple but gorgeous design is your kind of style, this remarkable home will provide you with plenty of inspiration! 

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