Modern living: 10 Homes that will make your heart beat faster

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The spring and summer months are a great way to start the construction of a detached house. But before that happens, some preliminary calculations must be made, especially if children are to move with in the house. Should it be a modern or traditional house? What colour carries the facade? Must it have a garden or balconies? You could even indulge in the luxury of a private pool. Many important decisions must be made. To help you plan your new family home, we present to you a collection of ten houses that are just perfect for families. We’re sure there will be something for everyone’s taste.

1. Tremendous heights

Those who deal with the planning of a family house should consider a distribution of the living space on several floors. Multi-storey detached houses have the advantage that are very functional, particularly if children of different ages live in the house. Depending on the needs for closeness to parents, kids can book a room on the top or first floors. It is also possible to set the top floor exclusively for parents—with bedroom, private bathroom, balcony and office.

Take a look at these 9 gorgeous two storey homes for some inspiration!

2. The power of colour

If you’re not afraid to experiment, then you can definitely rely on the power of colour! Even traditional buildings or houses that are located in a residential area with many other houses of the same construction can be lifted into the extraordinary with the help of the right colour. In this case, the owners opted for a facade in an earthy orange tone. This colour has a particularly energetic aura and is certainly a great asset for the entire house. No one can say that this house is boring!

3. Green belt

The construction of the house is not the only thing that is important. The garden which surrounds it is also of great importance. The green surroundings are like a stage that can bring your house to shine even more. The residents of the home will surely benefit from a beautifully landscaped garden, as they can enjoy the beautiful view from their house every day. We recommend to place particular emphasis on a manicured lawn and spice it up with interesting plant species. Whether you choose this exotic or native plants, is entirely your choice.

4. Swimming pool

The owner of this house can enjoy the cool water especially in the summer, with the pool located directly on the terrace. Can you imagine anything better than to spend hot days in the pool? A pool is way easier to implement than many people think. Our experts can build a pool customised to your individual needs.

5. House with a view

Unfortunately, it is often not possible to set up a patio or garden adjacent to the building, because the land is simply too small. In such a case, we recommend not to disregard the roof of the house. A roof terrace is not only an alternative in times of need, but also provides a real advantage over a single-storey terrace: a beautiful view. There is hardly anything better than to watch a romantic sunset from a rooftop terrace.

6. The outlier

We also have a family home for lovers of unusual architecture in our collection. This unusual house seems to float on the water and acts, thanks to its round shape, like a science fiction feature. The architects have shown much courage and ingenuity. Although such a design may be too exotic for some, many of us will relish in the chance to live in such a unique design. In terms of construction, you can always swim against the current.

7. Traditional beauty

Many people who start with the planning of their dream home would try and implement many ideas at once. Many of these ideas are but subject to the zeitgeist and could be out of fashion again tomorrow. We recommend the house planning not to succumb to current trends that can change quickly, but to rather opt for a timeless design. A simple floor plan with a white facade and dark roof is a safe option for those who want to benefit for a long time on the design of their home.

8. Mixed materials

Do you want a home that does not lose its fresh, elegant character over many years? Then opt for mix materials and so stop it from ever looking boring. Wood, plaster, gravel and stone slabs create an interesting ensemble, but you should invest in the highest quality materials possible. Thanks to high-quality products, freshness will remain over many years.

9. Garden and lawn

Happy kids have a lot of energy and imagination, which they gladly want to live out in wild games. Instead of going for a computer or tablet, it is worthwhile to invest in a playing area outside the house. This will allow the children to play undisturbed in the outdoors whilst exercising and learning about the world. It will be best to create a separate playing section for the children to romp to their heart’s delight, whilst also sparing all of your treasured plants and the garden pond!

10. Comfortable and cosy

We conclude with the most important aspect. A family house should be cosy and comfortable above all else. Because the building is, after all, a home for a family with children. The centre of family life is to spend time together, and you want to instil positive socialisation in your children from the start. In addition to the garden, it is therefore of great importance to design the interior of the four walls. For a large family house, a significant portion of the floor space should be earmarked for the living room to create a wonderful nest for the family with comfortable furniture.

Which house was your favourite from our list?

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