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These kitchens from Turkey have many things in common: they are bright, inviting, unique and charming. While the decorative style of the Anatolian peninsula can be, for some, over the top and too elaborate, we have compiled a series of 8 kitchens that are completely modern, and have something to suit everyone's taste. 

These kitchens are exciting and contemporary, with a focus on calming designs and neutral colours. They maximise bright and natural light and add subtle detailing, like golden trims or wooden panelling. They are fitted with all the mod cons, and all have a touch of opulence and radiance that pays homage to the traditional Turkish aesthetic. 

In this series we explore a bit more about the culture, the tastes, and the country of Turkey.

Seriously Stylish

If you are a fan of elegance, sophistication, practicality and classic colours all rolled into one, then this kitchen is exactly what you are after. The U-shaped kitchen cabinetry means there is enough space for several amounts several people to cook at once (or to linger around the cook). 

The look is finished off by an extremely sleek table in the middle of the room with white metal chairs. The forest feature on one wall adds that extra special detail (plus a touch of nature and colour), increasing the feel of the room. The square light feature on the ceiling complements the angles and shapes of this seriously stylish kitchen. 

Cute, But Not Cramped

This kitchen makes the most of it's size. With the right furniture, in the right place you can get the most out of a room and immediately increase it's usable space. Round tables are a great addition and the plastic chairs keep this kitchen super modern. 

The hanging turquoise light and leaning blackboard are playful touches, while the microwave set into the wall and industrial faucet make sure that functionality stays a priority in this room. 

A Vision In White

Wow! This spacious kitchen is dramatic, but definitely not too much. It's daring, but not over the top. It's bold, but not garish. The secret to what makes it the perfect balance between adventurous and elegant, lies in the details.  

The incredible gold decorative ceiling feature balances the white floor tiles, white cabinetry, long white table. This kitchen is different and unique. It's clever, and is sure to host some amazing dinner parties. 

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Golden Beauty

Yes, this is the sister kitchen to the one previously, but it is as much a dream as the other, and we couldn't resist featuring it on our list. Functional and practical, this room is still striking and completely original. With white as the backdrop, the design team uses gold accents to bring the room to life. The dazzling cream and brown decorative tiles are the perfect complement and add a bit of colour variation.

The quirky light fitting and silvery gold bar stools keeps the kitchen new and exciting, even while being devoid of bright colours. A perfect example of not needing much to create an unforgettable statement.  

Almost-Alfresco Dining

This star of this room is the view into the garden. A perfect backdrop to any meal of the day, the luscious foliage adds a touch of tranquility to this kitchen. Along with the beautiful wooden feature wall, light grey floor tiles, round wooden tabletop and matching white stools, we are presented with a refreshing vision. 

The black faceted lampshade and huge potted tree add the finishing touches. This kitchen is perfectly suited to daily life—it's simple, it's non fussy, but offers something modern and unique.   

One Old Fashioned, Please!

Just like the cocktail of the same name, this kitchen has three main ingredients. But instead of whiskey, sugar and bitters, it's black, white and marble. And just like the drink, it's a perfect combination. 

Large cabinets in white, and with glass doors, mean there is plenty of storage. The large white marble counter top means there's plenty of workspace. And the black range hood, oven and stove means there's plenty of style. This is one classy kitchen that I'm sure will leave a good taste in your mouth. 

The Holy Trinity

Again, here's a kitchen featuring a divine trio—but this time it's white, black with wooden details. A truly contemporary design that can easily have colourful personalised touches added with making it too dramatic. This style is perfect for an apartment in the city, or for a young family. 

It's compact, easy to use, durable, functional, understated. Modern living at it's best. 

Ebony And Ivory

This dark and dramatic design is an absolute stunner. The kitchen island in the centre means it is versatile and can be used either for working on, or as a breakfast bar, or a table for two. 

The colour scheme of mostly black and white is classic and means the attention can be given to what's on the plates. But it's definitely not a boring kitchen—the lampshade, glass wall cabinets, and high back chairs add extravagant flourishes. A fine example of how the design and flavours of Turkey have something for everyone. 

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Do you like these kitchens? What one would you love to have in your home?

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