13 entrance designs that will look fabulous in small houses

Leigh Leigh
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Having a small house does not mean that you shouldn't have a well-designed facade that conveys warmth, modernity and style. 

With good design, materials and the right colors, you can have a spectacular entrance despite the size. 

In this article, we have 13 fabulous ideas from design professionals around the world that are a source of inspiration when it comes to renewing your entrance all. So grab your notepad and get copying! 

Join us to see them!

Look at this small and sensational facade

Undoubtedly this is a wonderful entrance, that oozes warmth and elegance.

A large wooden door with a modern garden

One option is to create an entrance to your small house that is distinguished from the rest of the building around it by using a good combination of materials. 

You can create a wonderful alliance between wood, glass, concrete and the presence of nature thanks to a front garden. This will also make the size and layout of the house seem that much bigger. 

The result is an amazing entrance packed with modernity and personality.

The color sheme

Combining colors when it comes to the entrance of your home, especially when it is small, will help give depth and dynamism to the space without it becoming overwhelming.

Sober colors like blue tones work very well with white tones, creating a very dramatic look and feel. Don't you love the metal lattices in this design, which gives the family privacy while still allowing sunlight to stream into the home. 

Don't you just want to go and knock on the door?

And some green

(The green vertical garden inside is also a very modern idea.)

Have a look at these tips for how you can create and plan a vertical garden.

A stone path with wood

Illuminated by the lighting, this entrance is very warm, rustic and entrancing.

A small covering over the door

The materials, colors and architectural elements in the entrance of this house seem simple but are of great aesthetic richness.

Divided into two parts, we can see how the lattices allow ventilation and natural light as well as add a stylish touch to the exterior facade. This works very well with the wooden beams that cover the entrance.

On the other hand, a large white wall adds a sleek texture, contrasting with the natural stone. The minimalist garden adds color and a fresh natural look and feel to the home. 

An entrance with clad stone that contrasts with the facade

A flagstone wall on the wide of the wooden door exudes beauty and innovation, despite how small this house is. It also contrasts beautifully with the two volumes of pure white. 

With the pure straight lines, the composition of this design is perfect despite the square meters being scarce. This adds elegance and modernity to the entrance.

The detail in the windows breaks up the monotony of the plain white facade too, thanks to the different sizes and the lattices on the upper window. 

A wooden door and a wall covered in stone

This is ideal for a rustic style…

And the details are just fantastic

A front door is a big part of the design!

A minimalist garden with a wrought-iron pergola and tiled floor

This is simple but beautiful!

The design of the facade of this house incorporates different textures and colors, where we see various styles and traditions come together. 

The house itself consists of a single asymmetric volume of neutral colors, which makes the entrance look warm and welcoming. The metal pergola adds more charm to the entrance.

A vibrant color next to a concrete facade

Too much? Just go for a vibrant doorknob.

Charm and tradition

CASA 3-64. VIVIENDA UNIFAMILIAR. Barquisimeto, Venezuela., YUSO YUSO Classic style houses

The colors and materials used in the facade of this home gives it style and personality, defining the home. 

Here we can see how the naked materials such as brick gives the space a very cozy texture, combining with the yellow plastered walls that enhances the natural feel of the concept.

Ceramic flooring leads up to the wooden front door, decorated by pots in the different formats, giving it a special charm.

Have a look at these tips for stepping forward to a great new garden path.

Modern and charming

Attention to the simple and elegant details!

Play with different levels and shades

Look at how this entrance is the focal point.

The natural

Within the range of neutral colors, this facade is a beautiful grey. This color is very distinct and is always a safe bet for a facade because it can be combined with various shades. Integrate it with natural plants and flowers, which make the entrance the focal point of the facade. Plants will add a touch of exceptional life!

A entrance with a wood path and a tropical inspiration

tropical touch always makes for a welcoming home!

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