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Everybody loves lazing around on a Sunday afternoon, maybe gardening, or reading, or just whiling away the hours, in their own oasis. Or if you are hosting an informal dinner party with friends, or just wanting to start the day with the newspaper and coffee while listening to the birds, then you absolutely need the right space to do it all in.  

The backyard (or porch or terrace) is an essential place for any home, and we have collected five examples of great ones to get you inspired. Whether you are wanting a paved patio with colourful potted plants, or a large space featuring a luscious green lawn, or even a stylish courtyard with a private pool, there is no end to the type of space you can create. It doesn't take much to create the perfect place to enjoy your free time in, and every house, apartment or villa has the potential to have a great one. 

That space between your back door and property boundary is only as limited as your imagination—even the smallest of spaces can be something magnificent. And with a bit of careful planning, smart landscaping, a fresh coat of paint and unique furniture you can easily create your own special patio. Let's take a look at some of the best out there! 

Home In The Heart Of The Jungle

This design by Guz Architectos shows how important plants and trees are for any patio space. With the idea of celebrating the outdoors, the key feature to a design is green grass and plenty of foliage. It doesn't matter if you have flowers in planter boxes along the walls, or succulents in pots, citrus trees in the middle of the lawn, or even a vertical garden. If you have green, you can keep it serene. 

While you may not be a Singapore architect, don't let that deter you from putting an Asian twist on your own backyard. Try bringing in wood elements, or creating a stone garden. Adding a water feature like a fountain, or pool will make for a relaxing atmosphere. Embrace the environment and start creating your own natural paradise today!

The Backyard That Combines Form And Function

This particular backyard is split up over several levels and sproves that you don't need a large, flat property to create something eye catching. Created by Barcelona based company Brick Construccio I Disseny, the space is rustic, relaxed and completely user-friendly. 

Together, the lawn and concrete spaces make sure this backyard is versatile and can be used for any kind of activity. The back and side walls are covered in ivy, there are large terracotta pots with lavender bushes placed around the sides, and there is also a large storage space made from bricks. With the pool tucked away next to the back wall, this backyard is all about comfort, but still remains practical. 

A Unique Patio That Celebrates The Unusual

This unusually shaped courtyard is successfully transformed into a unique and interesting space by using geometric features. If you are thinking of converting a pokey corner or awkward alcove, but are unsure of where to start, then try following the lead of Brazilian architects SAA Shieh Arquitetos Associados.

With their project 'Offset House', instead of covering up the ugly and unwanted points, they celebrate them. Built on sloping ground, they elevated the project and made the most of the strange shapes and angles of the property. The large sliding glass door allows freedom of movement and keeps the courtyard from being cramped. So if you have something you don't like in your backyard, try turning the negative into the positive and make it work for you, instead of against you. 

Private Retreat In The City

For anyone living the city life with full to-do lists, a bit of time out is necessary to unwind and reset a busy mind. This back yard designed by architects Tao Architecture Pvt. Ltd. is a great example of how little you need to create a rich, relaxing space to help you to get away from it all.

A simple, yet striking wall feature like this one can create the impact you need and provide a great division between your personal space and the outside. Try adding light details to add an extra dimension to the feature wall, which will look amazing during the night hours as well. The dark floorboards here provide a dramatic contrast against a healthy, fresh lawn and look great next to dark raffia garden furniture.

Compact Courtyard with Spanish Flair

A great courtyard doesn't have to be huge. This project designed by Ramón Castellanos (and photographed by Pablo Cousinou) proves that bigger isn't always better. Remodelling a house in the Spanish port city of Cadiz, Castellanos shows exactly how to make the most of what is already there. 

Here he uses colour as a main design feature, painting the deck a bright red, the rear wall a deep sea blue and uses warm orange lighting to brighten up a dark space. The lap pool featured in the centre is surrounded by a light granite floor on one side, and a dark granite on the other. 

The mahogany wood and glass doors of the house wall look incredible next to the white ceiling and exterior. It is a really great example of how contrasting colours and textures can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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