Tiny houses: A small wooden prefabricated home

Leigh Leigh
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Tiny House Concept is an innovative and sustainable design that will impress you to no end today! Designed by architect professionals Berard Frederic, based in France, this is a home that certainly packs a punch. 

What this design proves is that dynamite comes in small packages. It also shows that you can fit everything that you need into one, smart and sleek home without compromising on comfort or style. 

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From every angle

In this image, we can see the home from every exterior angle. It's a small wooden prefabricated home that is very small! It almost looks like a shed that you may find in the back of your garden.

The home is made out of wood, which creates a natural and warm look and feel. Immediately we can see that this is going to be a cozy little spot!

The designers have included a touch of red throughout the facade in the form of the front door and the window frames. This adds a bit of color and personality to the exterior, adding to the charm and warmth. The windows and doors allow for a constant connection between the exterior and the interior. This is particularly advantageous because this home can be placed anywhere! It takes up little space and its prefabricated nature ensure it will fit snugly into any beautiful setting.

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Smart and Stylish

If we head inside the home, we can see how the kitchen and dining room merges together neatly and smartly!

The designers have gone for light wood throughout, which transforms this home into a little cocoon, contrasting beautifully with the wilderness of the exterior. The light wood also works in perfect harmony with the red doors and window frames.

We can see a touch of color and personality throughout the interior in the form of vibrant cushions and a vase of flowers.

On the left-hand side we can see a little kitchenette, which is all the space that the residents in this home need to prepare delicious food. On the right, a little wooden platform extends out from the wall, making up the dining room. Three little benches create the perfect seating area!

The Cozy Kitchen

If we look at the kitchen more carefully, we can see how the designers have made sure they have fitted every possible accessory into this small space.

This has been achieved by making the absolute most of vertical space. Shelves have been installed to ensure there is space for the microwave, the crockery, the cutlery and the glassware.  This is a great design tip for any small home!

In this image, we can also see how natural light floods into this home, which makes it that much more warm and appealing. Natural light also makes this space look brighter and more spacious.

The loft

If we look at the home from this angle, we can see that vertical space has been utilized for a bedroom! This is a very modern and innovative design!

A ladder leads up to a cozy little bed and relaxation spot, where the residents can curl up at night and listen to the sounds of nature around them. The ladder is functional and takes up very little space, but it also looks decorative and trendy too!

When you have limited space, it's always advisable to make the most of vertical space available to you. Building a bedroom on a second floor, like the designers have done here, allows you to pack as much function as possible into a small area. 

Storage solutions

Another must for any small space is smart storage solutions. You want items to be stored neatly away so that your home doesn't start to look claustrophobic and crowded.

Shelves are a great way to store items neatly away, without taking up an inch of floor space. Use them to store books or put photographs on display.

You can also use your furniture as smart storage. Invest in chairs that are hollowed out underneath. You can store blankets, pillows and other items neatly out of sight. You can also install cabinets on the walls in your home! Hide them behind mirrors for an even greater effect.

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This is a beautiful and comfortable home that proves size doesn't matter!

What do you think of this impressive small home?

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