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Find serenity in this dream home!

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The Juanapur Farmhouse is one unique building that will transport you straight into a world of tranquility, peacefulness and repose. A project by designers Monica Khanna Designs in New Delhi, this home is more like an exclusive retreat centre than your usual country house, and even has it's own massage room. Featuring tons of natural wood and sturdy materials, this tropical hideaway retains an authentic rustic, rural feel, while focusing on comfort and relaxation.

The enormous glass windows, ornate Indian detailing, warm lighting, chic furniture, and finished with remarkable styling, ensures the Juanapur Farmhouse is at once trend-setting and old-fashioned. Life here is low key and relaxed, and appeals to anyone who sets foot in the door. So let's take a look around!

The Initial Meeting

From the front of the house it is easy to see just how harmoniously stone, wood, and glass all work together in the overall design of the building. The sharp lines and block architectural shapes are softened by the uncut paving stones nestled in grass, a lush front garden full of colour and with the wooden detailing, which is kept natural and unpolished. 

A beautiful blend of elegance and casualness; high-end and down-to-earth; softly shaped and sharply cut, this farmhouse definitely has the best of both worlds! 

Bright Lights

This property looks impressive at any time of the day, week or month—when the sun is shining, or not. The lighting here is subtle, and flawlessly integrated into the overall design. The effect at nighttime makes it seem like the farmhouse merges with it's surroundings. The boundary between inside and outside is blurred, thanks to the generous windows and smart placement of lights. 

So whether it's sunset, the middle of the night, or just to up the ambience, there is a lighting solution to make the most out of every situation.   

Nooks and Crannies

Looking in from the patio, we can see one of the many cosy corners that are tucked away inside. This one is a reading corner filled with warm homely furniture perfect for spending hours engrossed in a book, magazine or newspaper.  

With large comfortable leather armchairs, beautiful wooden cabinets, low lighting, and colourful rugs, this nook is snug, intimate and a private getaway within the home. The large window allows for the outside scenery to still be enjoyed while nestled inside.  

Outside In

It really feels like you are living among the trees in this room. From the green plants framing the view into the garden to the wooden beams and furniture, and rich earthy colours of the rugs and pillows, the living room is a celebration of nature. 

Things are kept simple and fresh with contrasting white and dark tones, carried through into the furnishings. Chairs and side tables are classy and elegant, and a quirky leather footstool is added for interest. The intimate window seat lavishly decorated with rich textiles and wall hangings is another great example of the many cosy corners. 

Bathroom of Beauty

Now, this bathroom is all about beauty and luxury. Embellished light hangings, soft shapes, refined materials, and plenty of natural light means that you can't help but feel amazing in this room. The unique vanity with built in wash basin and shelves is a stand out feature, complemented by ornate detailing and refined simplicity. 

Once again the amazing view into the surrounding vegetation makes you feel you are bathing in a tropical paradise, and I am sure it is easy to spend much too long in the shower here. 

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A Place Of Worship

Not only is the bathroom a place to concentrate on health and wellness: here we have the luxurious spa room. It features dark wooden floorboards, a massage table, floor to ceiling windows and a trolley stacked with treatments, ready for the ultimate pampering.

The soft leather of the massage bed, dappled sunlight streaming through the windows and calming images on the walls makes this room a vision of tranquility and a place where relaxation cannot be avoided. 

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We are obsessed with the massage room in this house! What is your favourite?
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