9 Gorgeous two-storey homes to inspire you

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A two-storey house is like a massive canvas that you can use to display your aesthetic sense and eye for visually appealing details. Such a structure is also perfect when you want to blend widely different styles such as modern and rustic to create something completely unique and lust-worthy. So to get your creative juices flowing, in case you are about to build or buy a new home, or renovate your old home, here are 9 stunning two-storey designs to watch out for. Rendered in different shapes, designs and materials, these abodes are not just comfortably spacious for large families, they are visual delights too.

1. A House of Brick and Mortar

The perfect modern design in the exterior of this house is punctuated by a traditional brick partition. Because the rest of the façade is simple and white, the masonry of the brick wall stands out and catches the eye.

2. An Urban Façade

When you live in a neighbourhood with less space, the façade of your home can get lost between other houses. But this idea shows you how to stand out. An unassuming entrance flanked by beautifully pruned trees and modern shapes like the white frame of the balcony will surely give your home a unique look.

3. Divide and Conquer

Sharp lines and a monochrome palette are the cornerstones of modern façade design, especially if the house is big. In this property, we see how the black divisional stone wall “cuts” the house into two parts, and highlights the grey and white tones of the structure. It lends a layered look and breaks the monotony of the simple lines and hues that define this residence.

4. Futuristic Elegance

A two-storey house doesn’t have to be ornate to be attractive. You can instead focus on the important elements and remove the clutter, just like this house. The design focuses on the balance between the top and bottom parts of the structure, with an opening taking you from the living room to the backyard. The abundant use of glass opens up the building visually, augments its impressive size, while grey stone detailing on either side contrast the dominating whiteness nicely.

5. A Blend of Tradition and Modernism

Designed by the architects at Excelencia En Diseno in Mexico, this charming house is a fine union of traditional touches and modernism. While the slanting roofs lined with red shingles show the structure’s traditional inclination, the white and glass facade with its sleek lines and geometrical precision flaunt contemporary style.

6. When Privacy is Paramount

We all like a little privacy, especially when it comes to designing a home. This home is on our list because of how it achieves the balance between a beautiful façade while maintaining utmost privacy for the residents. The slim strip of windows on the second level is like a teasing peek-a-boo accent on the facade. And the obvious structural robustness conveyed through the power play of concrete, stone and wood, is impressive too.

7. Wood And White Minimalism

An all-white façade leaves so much room for incorporating different types of textures and materials into the design. Which is why, we think that the combination of wood and white you see here will make you want to replicate it in your home too. The wooden lattice adds just the right amount of style to the exterior, while the crisp whiteness hints at sleek minimalism.

8. Perfect Proportions

A haphazard façade design can completely ruin the overall look of any house. Instead, if you plan the façade to ensure that proper proportions are maintained throughout, it can be a stunner. The façade of this two-storey home features a large glass window set in stone that is perfectly shaped, and does not overshadow the overall design or details like the stone wall, the strip of wood above the entrance, or the glass balustrade on the second storey.

9. Open And Inviting

What can be more inviting than a two-storey house with a pool and a garden? We love how the designers have incorporated the patio, pool and open spaces into the façade design. The designers have done justice to the multiple balconies by using glass and wood elements in the overall design. Also, the presence of multiple outdoor relaxation spots enhances the expansive appeal of this already large property.

Hopefully, you can now confidently zero in on a stunning design for your two-storey abode with the help of all the inspiration you gleaned from the houses above. Here’s another story which you might find interesting too - 10 Stunning Cottages that will take Your Breath Away!

Which home would you like to take tour of from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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