A Dilapidated Italian Home Finds New Life

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Before-After giulia pellegrino studio di progettazione
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Today, we will witness the modish and inspiring makeover of a derelict house in the town of Monreale in Italy. The dilapidated building was struggling under a mossy roof while chipped paint and seepage ridden walls characterised the façade – that is what we saw when we initially took in the sight of this neglected home. But, the talented team of architects from Giulia Pellegrino Studio Di Progettazione, have rendered this abode with a stylish and contemporary look now, which is almost incredible. Fresh paints, urgent repairs, modern redesigning, and addition of chic furnishing have done wonders for this once nightmarish residence.

Before: In Ruins

The home lay in ruins with broken shingles and moss ridden walls and rooftops. With cracked plaster and a filthy entrance, it hardly looked liveable.

Before: Drab Design

The chipped paint and the seepage that had made it brownish, made this home look like a blast from the distant past.

After: Colour and Clean Up

A thorough clean up session and a splash of white paint created a neat look while the design of the previous door was kept in perspective with this old school wonder.

Before: A Sorry State of Affairs

The terrace presented a sorry state of affairs, as can be seen from this despair filled image. The overgrowth would have affected the home owners while the railing looked like a slight breeze could blow it away!

After: A Neat Look

The terrace has been cleaned up and a fresh coat of paint has been added. Updated door frames and fixtures have been installed to ensure that the rot and dirt do not remain.

Before: Garish Colours

The colours in the staircase made this space look garish and at odds with the rest of the home. The faded stairs further, made the space look narrow and cramped.

After: Classy Dual Toned Effect

Now, the staircase has two simple defining colours—white and pale hued wood which help in showing off the solid structure of the stairs.

After: Airy Feel

The boxed ladder type staircase exudes a new found airy look and is oozing with stylish modernism.

Before: Boring Look

The hall had a set of boring doors and an empty look that could not really do much in the style department.

After: Smart White Environs

Now, this nook has white door frames that make the space look larger, while a neat television stand comes to the rescue and makes use of this corner.

After: A Comfortable Perch

The grey sofa is a simple addition that makes the whole area brim with a comfortable vibe enhanced by the foam seating.

After: A Stone Bathroom

With stone tiles that go halfway up the wall, the brown and white bathroom is a modish and contemporary space now.

After: Modern Fixtures

The sleek modern fixtures in white create a contrast of sorts in this stone bathroom.

After: The Stylish Kitchen

With white elements and a pop of patterns and colours, the kitchen now flaunts a new lease of life and invites you to create delectable dishes.

After: The Colourful Details

We especially love the colourful patterns on the backsplash and the sleek white furniture which caters to smart dining!

After: Pattern Magic

The vibrant and pretty patterned tiles give much character to this space and contrast the sleek white cabinets nicely.

After: Solid Elements

The home now has a solid look thanks to the ceiling beams and black metal frames.

The once terrifyingly dilapidated home is now a cosy, modern and elegant abode for urban dwellers. For more inspiration, here’s another before and after story - The amazing transformation of a compact home.

What do you think of the transformation? Let us know in the comments!

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