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As families expand, so do homes. You will love this delightful home-extension of a home in North London. This long-standing home was expanded to suit the new owners and the extension was done in such a way that the upgrade resulted in a wonderful blend of indoor and outdoor space. 

Completed by Caseyfierro Architects, the home gives new meaning to contemporary living. It almost functions like two homes on the same block and every single bit of space is used constructively and creatively. Let's take a look at this phenomenon! 

Creative Contrast

Although the extension is an addition to the preexisting structure of the old home, there is a strong contrast between the two styles and two very different spaces. Having said this, in the background we have an established family home, and in the foreground we have a forward-thinking design that promises to accommodate an evolving family for decades to come. The interior architects behind this project were certainly thinking ahead!

The result of this creative contrast is a space which harmoniously blends the indoors with the outdoors, making this home extension quite unique. With the undulating dark roof and the open-plan living room—it is not immediately obvious from the outside just how much of an impact the roof has on the overall structure of the indoor space. But we will show you more closely…  

The indoor landscape

You can immediately see that the shape of the ceiling has a tremendous impact on the indoors by creating a sense of grandeur and limitlessness. What is special about this home-extension is the fact that the blend of indoor and outdoor spaces is done effortlessly, and what we have in the end is something that resembles an open landscape. 

Limitless space

It is not immediately obvious where the indoors end and where the outdoors begin. With wooden floors that look very much like they belong in a lavish outdoor courtyard, and elaborate glass windows which create a sense of grandeur and openness, the view from inside is as far and wide as if looking out onto the horizon; the roof resembling the sails of a ship.

Visual intricacies

This stunning staircase is a piece of immaculate design in which natural materials were used to suggest a sense of stability, whilst the glass creates a sense of weightlessness. The contrast is powerful and in a home where contrasting styles are celebrated, the staircase is no doubt an impressive sculpture which speaks for itself.  

Luminous bathroom

A bathroom encased in sheer light, the color palette has been kept neutral. Pristine, fresh and seemingly untouched, the bathroom lighting and delicate design suggest a sense of the ethereal. The space is undoubtedly large, and because there are no walls to separate the toilet, shower and bath, it feels incredibly free and unrestricted. 

A refurbished room

This is the inside of a newly refurbished room. With the slanted ceiling and the attic-like windows, the space is not lacking in style. With plenty of room for storage provided from the inbuilt wall-shelves, and a mirror at the end of the room that extends the space visually, the bright airy feel of the room in conjunction with plenty of natural light makes this room spacious and unrestricted, which seems to be the theme of this home-extension!

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