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If you are an artistic person and enjoy beautifying your surroundings, you have probably done your best to ensure that there is something special in every bit of your home. Perhaps you gleaned ideas from magazines or home décor websites, which are an excellent resource from where to get inspiration, and even replicate techniques. However, for an amateur, choosing the right style for your home can be a difficult task. Here are seven tips for interior decoration that we hope will help you select the correct style to create a spectacular ambiance in your home!

Lights play a key role

A stylish and comfortable room will always include a good choice of lights. Whether you choose a vintage chandelier, modern hanging lights, tall pedestal lamps, small table lamps, recessed lights that cast a soft glow, or twinkling wall lights, the kind of illumination you choose plays a vital role in upping the glamour and style quotient of your room. A wide variety of lights is readily available in the market to meet your needs, whether you want diffused, clear, direct, or spot lighting.

An impressive entrance

The entrance is responsible for creating the first impression, so this area must have a powerful impact on guests. If you have an eye for decoration, you can impress your visitors right from the start, showcasing your good taste and talent for interior design with good quality furniture, aesthetically appealing decorations, fresh flowers and eye-catching hanging lights as shown here. The entrance should always look clean and uncluttered too. Get your home uncluttered with the help of smart storage ideas, e.g. using the space under the stairs.

Soft and soothing pastels

You can never go wrong with pastels! These lovely, soft hues look fresh and cheerful and never tire you visually. It is easy to create elegant and sophisticated colour palettes with pastel tones. Contrasted with white furniture, the effect is pleasant and soothing. We see here a delightful white and blue kitchen which repeats the pretty sky blue of the chairs in the wall tiles for a most charming effect!

The right fabric for added character

The fabric used in a room is not a minor detail, though it is often believed to be so. The upholstery of the chairs, the fabric used in the curtains, the material of the carpet – all these play a major part in enhancing the décor of a room. Each accessory that is strategically chosen, every wise choice of material and design, has the ability to transform a room from merely middling to absolutely amazing! This colourful living room is a perfect example of how a mix of cosy textures and yummy hues can liven up the mind and body instantly.

Many shelves on one surface

Shoving objects in every conceivable nook and cranny of the house is an outdated style of décor. Besides, we all know how tedious a task it is to dust and clean too many ornaments and artefacts, especially when they are spread over all the walls and shelves of the room! A good recourse for the precious objects that you wish to display, whether for their sentimental value or for their beauty, is a space-saving single structure that has many shelves. As we can see in this pretty white bathroom, several items are displayed in one structure in a very neat, modern and stylish way – and being in one place makes it simpler to access and clean them too!

Decorating small spaces

Lack of space in a small home can sometimes put an end to dreams of a little garden, studio, or study room. However, there is still a chance for a home that has untapped potential in the form of a small courtyard or conservatory or inside patio. If you are one of those lucky ones, start by painting the walls white to create the illusion of space. Hanging plants and rectangular flower boxes will make a pretty garden! If you’re looking for a quiet place to study or work, make a transparent enclosure or use polycarbonate sheets as a divider so that you get the quiet without losing the brightness.

Comfort and simplicity work cohesively

The safest bet for those areas of your home that require quiet comfort is a simple décor theme. No, simple does not imply dowdy; rather it is an enduring trend that can incorporate any style, whether modern or classic. Can neutral tones—the greys and the pastels – ever be boring or go out of style?! We think not! A simple décor in neutral colours can give an extremely subtle, elegant look, and is easily accomplished by an expert decorator.

These seven techniques are sure to give a phenomenal boost to your home décor – try them out and get ready to bask in your visitors’ praise! Check out another ideabook for more inspiration – Stay Away from these 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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