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There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a home that hasn't been cared for or looked after in quite some time transforming into a space that is modern, chic, stylish and homely.

Today at homify, we have several of these projects on display for you with renovations and revamps undertaken by some top professionals in the world. We will see how they have ensured that dilapidated and ruined homes don't go left unloved. By incorporating elements from the old homes into modern and trendy designs, the results are unbelievable.

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1. Dilapidated

In this image, we can see how the house hasn't been cared for or looked after in quite some time. The walls are falling apart, there are vines growing over the facade, the garden is barren and the windows and doors look very dilapidated.

Your garden as well as the outside of your home plays a very big role in the impression people will get of who you are and what the inside of your home looks like. You want to give the walls a fresh coat of paint every so often as well as fix any broken windows or cracks as soon as they occur. Your garden should also be pristine and well-manicured.

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1. Modern and chic

The designers have completely transformed this home into a warm, modern and inviting space. 

They have retained elements from the previous architecture, such as the gorgeous stone walls, which adds a rustic and historic touch to the look and feel. The rest has been completely modernized however.

The garden was renovated to include a neat and carefully manicured patch of grass as well as a swimming pool. A deck extends out from the living area, creating a space for dining outside or sunbathing. This extends the interior living space, thanks to the large glass windows and doors creating that much more room for family activities and socializing.

Don't you love the little barbeque area in the corner? This looks like a holiday dream house!

2. The old-fashioned home

In this image, we come across a very old-fashioned home that looks like it comes straight out of the seventies. While it is grand in size, it looks bulky and cold. Even the beautiful plants that have been planted around the exterior do nothing to enhance the facade. 

We can see that there is a lot of potential, however, thanks to the size of the property as well as the good foundation of the home. Yet, this is a space that needs to visit the 21st Century and receive a breath of fresh air!

2. Glamorous

The exterior facade of this home has completely evolved, becoming a far more modern, sophisticated and elegant version of the previous image that we saw.

The designers have completely renovated the facade, introducing softer and more neutral materials and colors including white, black, stone and glass. This still offers the family privacy, while creating a chic look and feel.

The use of plants throughout has been kept from the previous design, adding greenery and a natural form of decor to the facade.

Lighting is key here, where the designers have used soft spot lights to enhance certain details throughout the facade as well as the trees. This can be a very important part of any exterior space. Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses.

3. The grotesque interior

The inside of this home is boring, outdated and unappealing with the chunky wooden finishes, the old flooring and the very dark and dingy ambiance. Don't you feel like you would get the creeps in this home?

A staircase is meant to bring a functional design element to a space, but here it just adds heaviness to the room. 

However, we can see that there is a lot of space to work with so many with some design and innovation, a masterpiece will emerge?

3. Indeed a masterpiece

This living area has become a modern space out of the pages of a design magazine just like that. Do you see how much potential an old-fashioned room can hold for future design and innovation?

The home has been completely opened up, featuring a dining room and kitchen that open up onto one another. The wooden dining room table and chairs add warmth and charm to this space, contrasting withthe white walls and grey finishes.

The wooden stairs have been replaced, eradicating that chunky and claustrophobic look and feel we got in the previous design. The floating grey steps are functional yet trendy. They are also light and space-conscious.

The fireplace in the stone facade separates the living room from this area subtly, while again adding a functional design element to the space. Don't you just want to sit here with a glass of wine and watch the flames flicker?

4. Sad and dreary

This outdoor space was in a very sad state of affairs before Tom Kaneko Design & Architecture intervened.

Not many homes feature outdoor spaces, which can be utilized for enjoying the summer months, yet this one is going to total waste. There is nothing here except some old tiles, which make this space very useless.

The old stone facade and grubby white walls do nothing to enhance this space either.

4. The outdoor relaxation pad

The designers have taken this space and made the most of every square inch. By installing an outdoor hut, replacing the floors and adding beautiful yet durable outdoor furniture, they've created a whole new area for the family to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

The floors have been updated and replaced, which already makes this space look that much more clean and attractive. The designers have also installed beautiful pot plants, trees and flowers throughout, adding a natural form of decor to the outdoor area as well as hiding the fence that forms the perimeter of the terrace.

The little shed offers an extension of the interior space, where the family can relax no matter what the weather conditions while still enjoy a breath of fresh air. This space could be used for dining, reading, napping or even meditating.

The wooden furniture is the finishing touch, offering a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

4. A peek inside

If we have a look inside this little shed, we see that it is an outdoor dining room and kitchen, extending on from the main house. Not only does this make the interior that much bigger, but it also modernizes the home.

The designers have ensured that there is plenty of natural light throughout this little hut thanks to the skylights, again ensuring that the family can use this space to feel connected to the outside no matter what the weather.

You'll see that they've also gone for very warm colors and materials throughout this space, keeping it natural and rustic as well as warm and cozy.

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Which is your favorite transformation?

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