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All parents want their children to have everything that they missed out in life at a young age. This process starts from infancy when every possible care is taken to make their child’s nursery comfortable, warm and attractive. But in this excitement care should be taken to ensure that nursery is adaptable to change. Decorate the nursery in such a manner that there is room for change suited to the child’s tastes and needs as it grows older. 

Haven for two princesses

Pastel shades of lavender, yellow and green make up the décor of this room where white is the primary color. The Rapunzel like covered tower bed with intricate lattice work on its side is a charming example of classic style. White chanderlier with colorful artwork  provide perfect partnership to the pristine white cupboard. All furnishings in pretty shade of lavender give a feel of royalty to both girls occupying the room. The wide wooden stairs on the left side of both beds are just the right length for a child to walk up to the tower bed.

Spiderman on the wall

The color scheme of this room and its glowing blue lights hidden within false ceiling give a strong message to onlookers that this is the domain of two pre-teen boys that have not yet forgotten their likeness for action comics and superheroes. Study table cum cupboard in the open showcase can be used a workstation to keep laptop or books. Large shelves on top can accommodate both toys and more books. Blue wall accents and Spiderman provide flair and masculinity to the pristine nursery.

Snug as a tug in the bay

The artistic hand-painted tree in this snug little room shows that parents need not spend thousands to show their affection and create a private space for their child. White wicker crib and wooden floor are in sync with the rest house so except the tree no major changes are made to the room. Sunshine streaming in from the open windows provides warmth ideal for the little infant and pretty pink flower will keep baby entertained. The first thing the baby is likely to try when it is able to sit-up will be to touch blue mama owl on the tree and cute yellow baby owl on the swing!

Enter the jungle of Winnie and Tiger

Children love cartoons and in this nursery they can live in the fantasy world of Winnie the Pooh. The color and decoration theme of this glowing nursery is based on popular children’s cartoon series that is located in a jungle so all the furnishings are green. Three walls papered with scenes of different stories from the cartoon are enough to make any child ecstatic. Roof has been painted in blue and white to appear like floating clouds and sky. Attractive red lamps shaped like bells hang from the roof making the room more enchanting.

Dreamy room for twin delights

Parents expecting twins would be super excited about welcoming their bundles of joy but would also be worried about how to decorate a suitable nursery for them. Here is a simple and tastefully decorated nursery in pleasing peach tones that also has a dreamy cloud floating above. Spacious wicker baby cribs with soft toys provide adequate space for babies to roll around and watch each other. The large cupboard in the center is just the right size to store urgent essentials for both children.

Simplistic and Cute

Not interested in opulent designs but want to make the nursery special for a child? Then try these simple designs by Studio Vivian. The dark carpet is a perfect match to light blue linoleum floor and contrasts with  pretty pink furniture. Wall art beside the bed is the perfect image for a child to dream about before drifting off to sleep. Wide windows on both sides of the room bring sufficient amount of sunlight to keep the area bathed in natural light all through the day.

Space saving bunk beds

Having siblings magnifies the excitement of having bunk beds as children can keep talking to each other far into the night and also indulge in pillow fights! This wooden bed has been designed fit into the corner and leave sufficient space to open up windows on top. Cupboards built into the bottom section of the bunk bed give adequate amount of storage space for both children. Shelves built into the wall near headrest can be used to keep away books read as part of nightly schedule.

Chirpy and bright

The moment a person steps into this colorful eclectically decorated nursery they will know that it is most likely to belong to a little boy. Decorated with pastel shades of light blue, light green and white, the room has grey walls and white roof that provide a perfect background to these colors. Any child that grows up in this bright and pleasing atmosphere is likely to develop a sunny disposition. The room is wide enough to accommodate a mid-sized child's bed as infant grows older and also more furniture. Hand painted tree can stay forever as an enchanting backdrop to a cool room.

For more charming ideas on nursery decoration browse through this ideabook.

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