Home Improvement: 8 ideas for empty spaces in your home

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A boring, blank wall, an empty nook, or a stark corner – these are common complaints in a normal home. You might remember to fill up the most obvious empty spaces, but there are surely many more if you look carefully! These are spaces which you don’t notice often or simply forget about. You get so busy with the daily grind that even thinking of how to improve that corner by the television set that looks just too empty – well, it becomes a chore. You keep putting it off till tomorrow, and that tomorrow never comes. We feel that’s a real pity and have hence put together some great solutions that you can implement for the empty spots in your abode without a second thought!

So let's explore 8 exciting ideas for empty spaces in your home…

A small bookcase for cosy utility

Have a small empty corner in your living room that looks just doesn’t look right?  Fill it up with a small bookcase! This living area is a beautiful example of how the addition of a simple bookcase or display shelf can make things cosy and complete. The rustic look of the bookcase complements the woodpile and the artistic, rough-hewn table with the convenient shelf below it. The white sofa with its interesting cushions, the blue stool, and the little plants on the table combine with the rustic furniture to prove that eclectic elements can blend harmoniously.

A pretty fireplace for tasteful warmth

What better way to liven up a spacious, comfortable living room like the one in the picture, than with a fireplace and decorated mantelpiece! The fireplace occupies one section of a wall and gives an element of warmth, comfort and style. The arrangement of elegant candleholders on the mantelpiece looks sophisticated and is in tune with the classy style of the room. What an easy way to perk up a wall!

A green staircase

Decorating a staircase as big as the one in the picture is a problem in a luxurious home. What better than to artistically arrange a few plants at intervals for a natural, green look that goes so well with the beautiful wooden stairs. Just look at how the plants take the staircase to quite another level! For a slightly smaller staircase, pieces of art or narrow sculptures would work very well too.

The beauty of minimalism

A minimalistic look was the first thing that came to mind when we saw this room. Sleek natural wood furniture adds dollops of atmosphere to a small space like this, while keeping the area airy and bright. The ladder with hooks is such a fun, decorative way to store things!

A ladder to reach style zenith

Here we see yet another natural wood ornamental ladder – it is sure to be a topic of conversation with guests! Though this room also has a minimalist environment, the furniture here has an entirely different look. The modern white and black colour theme is softened by the natural wood floor and shelf, both of which are complemented by the ladder. The vibrant handbags add spunk against the almost monochromatic palette of this space.

A quote a day keeps sadness away

We love this charming and fun way of enlivening a bare wall! An attractively framed slate on which you can write wise, beautiful sayings in chalk – can there be a more perfect way of decorating your wall? What makes it even more fun is that you can write something different every day! Just be careful where you’re drilling – don’t hit a pipe!

A lively mural

If you have a creative bent of mind, try your hand at painting on your boring wall! No flair for art? Catch hold of an artistic friend or neighbour to help you create your mural. Or go for a stunning wall decal or wallpaper to completely transform a blank wall, as we can see here. A peaceful theme of trees and birds is a great idea for any home – it serves as a quiet background for any setting, yet looks so striking!

Chic picture collage

A very special way to do up a blank wall is with a collage of family photos and/or favourite pieces of artworks. Such a collage is a heart-warming and personal way of decorating any wall. It fits perfectly in a simple home as well as in a striking living room like the one we see here, so stunning with its multi-coloured vintage chandelier and gorgeous Abigail Ahern mirror. The credit for this beautiful living space goes to the interior designers and decorators at Honeybee Interiors.

So, no more thinking! Choose any of these eight sure-shot methods and convert the empty, boring spaces in your home into stylish, attractive focal points! Check out another inspiring ideabook here - 10 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Appear Spacious.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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