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HOME STAGING MIESZKANIA 52M² NA SPRZEDAŻ, Better Home Interior Design Better Home Interior Design
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Warsaw, the sprawling capital of Poland is famed for its widely varied architecture and culture that reflects its long and rich history. Gothic churches, neoclassical palaces, Soviet-era blocks as well as modern skyscrapers dot the landscape of the city. And in the middle of all this, we chanced upon the REALIZACJA III which was once in a drab and dull condition, but thanks to the home stagers at Better Home, it has been converted into a beautiful and aesthetic modern space. It’s gloomy and shabby interiors are a thing of the past now. Refreshing colours, cozy textures and a subtle mix of traditional and contemporary ideas have gifted this residence a whole new level of style and spirit. So what are you waiting for? Take a closer look to know more about this home makeover project.

Before: Cluttered and boring bedroom

This bedroom had for sure lost its charm and beauty to mindless clutter, boring walls, and shabby furnishing. The dark and dull colours here resulted in a melancholic atmosphere without any positivity. Who would want to come home to this after a long working day?

After: Soft pastel makeover

The revamped bedroom looks nothing less than a fairytale now. The stagers have replaced the old tacky floor with fresh new glossy laminate. We love the use of soft pastels here, and the crisp white walls which lend spaciousness and brightness to the room. The minimalistic approach has done wonders here and has infused the room with a fresh and peaceful vibe.

Before: A messy and dated kitchen

The kitchen couldn’t have got any messier than this. The overdose of jarring elements here had totally destroyed the mood for cooking sumptuous meals. The ageing wallpaper and the cluttered counters left no space for breathing, and the dated appliances make the kitchen look old-fashioned and uninviting.

After: A neat and refreshing look

We love what we see here. The white hues not only enhance the spaciousness of the transformed kitchen, but also make it look elegant and classy. The space has been de-cluttered for good and also has welcomed the small potted greens for a refreshing aura. The big windows bring in lots of natural light into the kitchen, and keep it well-ventilated. Sleek cabinets and modern appliances complete the look here.

Before: A gloomy and uninspiring living area

The herringbone floor in this gloomy and almost bare living space must have looked stylish before, but now looked ready for an update. The room is very much uninviting and lacks cozy furnishing, colour and spirit. It needs natural light and brighter walls for an expansive and refreshing feel. The clutter in the adjoining balcony added to the dismal appearance of this space too.

After: Scandinavian good looks

Wow! Look at this ultra stylish space now. Glossy laminate now rules the floor with a more contemporary edge than before. The stagers have played intelligently with the pastel colours here for a simple yet classy Scandinavian theme. The de-cluttered balcony and the large glass door and window now allow sunlight to flood the living room effortlessly. A dash of vibrancy in the form of green chairs and a lavender bouquet of flowers add much to the stylish ambiance here, while quaint framed artworks spice up the wall behind the couch.

After: A classic touch

The large and elegant wooden bureau is a classic and sophisticated addition to the living space. It contrasts the white walls and soft pastels in this room, besides offering oodles of storage as well as display opportunity.

Before: A terribly shoddy balcony

The balcony was full of unnecessary elements which caused the place to suffer from a cluttered and disappointing look. With its drapes and mess, the balcony hardly lived up to its actual purpose.

After: Sunny and relaxing revamp

Hello sunshine! Look at the gorgeous and sunny balcony now. Free from clutter and drapes, the big glass windows now usher in ample sunshine during the day. A couple of foldable chairs and a tall table holding an indoor plant make for a picturesque seating while a stripped rug offer plush company. Lush potted plants on the balustrade and a quirky empty frame behind the chairs make this nook a charming place for unwinding or enjoying morning coffee.

Before: An old-fashioned corner

The drab old dresser and the dated mirror along with the dark wooden environs, made this corner shabby and ancient-looking. Something sleeker and more fashionable was needed urgently.

After: Sleek and chic transformation

A cool contemporary look has been now achieved for this corner with the slim and minimalistic shelf, which stands out against the bright white environs. Quirky showpieces and wicker baskets deck the shelf for a cosy and homely look.

Before: A dark and dingy bathroom

The bathroom was filled with grime and looked unruly. The lighting was insufficient and too many items were crowding the little space.

After: Clean and bright avatar

Thanks to the intense cleaning solutions, this bathroom now wears a sparkling new look. It has been wonderfully de-cluttered and fitted with bright lights to exude a cheerful and inviting vibe.

This Polish flat is now a joy to live in, owing to sensible de-cluttering, introduction of modern and minimalistic accents, soothing yet cheerful colours and an overall neat and clean look. Embrace these great ideas to give your apartment a cool makeover too. Here’s another before and after story that you might find interesting - An Old House goes from Drab to Fab.

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