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​Tips to prepare a home for sale

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Though the process of selling your home in a seller’s market is relatively tough, trying to sell a home in buyer’s market is also not an easy prospect as buyers today are very demanding. So how do you present your home as the most desirable residential property on sale that buyers would be willing to shell out the price demanded by you?  

Instead of making minor repairs take the help of a professional like home stager or real estate agent for advice on restoring a home to improve its marketability. A common advice that any house agent would give is to walk around the home and view it with the eyes of a buyer that will help to point out the eyesores that can turn away prospective buyers. Here are 10 tips to make your property smart and enchant potential buyers.

1.Make all necessary repairs

Repair plumbing leaks, roof cracks and chipped walls along with broken door hinges in every part of the house including cabinets, cupboards and windows. Ensure that all electrical fixtures, utilities and fittings are working perfectly when prospective buyers pay a visit. Few homeowners pay attention to these issues and their property gets devalued and falls into further disrepair over a period of time.

2.Impressive entrance for curb appeal

The importance of curb appeal cannot be stressed enough while speaking about tips on making a home saleable. Several times ugly gates, unkempt gardens turn off buyers from the curb itself.  Hopefully these tips are helpful in staging your home and selling it to a family that loves and treasures it as much as you. 

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3.Clean and dust the house

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Clean every part of the house from fan blades to corners and remove all signs of dirt along with stains. Polish taps, faucets, door knobs and other metal surfaces and also clean all doors and windows to keep everything sparkling and fresh. Dirt and grime tends to turn people off so ensure that areas like bathrooms and kitchens which tend to accumulate more grime than others are given extra scrubbing.

4.Whitewash the house with neutral tones

Even if the house has had multiple color tones in different rooms during your stay, apply a fresh coat of neutral colors when it is put up for sale. it is advisable is to have neutral color palette as that makes it easy for prospective buyers to make up their interior color scheme. On a sunny day this color tone makes the house appear bright, spacious and impersonal.

5.Keep personal belongings out of sight

Family photos and memorabilia that your family has collected over the years may be precious to you but can make buyers feel awkward. An unusual sculpture or coloful wall painting may be your idea of art but may not impress buyers as they cannot visualize themselves around house-owner’s personal belongings.

6.Always have mild fragrances floating around the house

Ever noticed the relaxed atmosphere within a spa that is created by the combined effect of calming music and delicate fragrance of lavender, thyme etc? Why not create a similar ambience in your house being presented for sale with houseplants that have blossoms with soft scent or keep flower bouquets when you invite buyers that encourages them to explore every part leisurely. If the home for sale has been locked up for several weeks or months, use air fresheners and give it thorough airing before inviting prospective buyers.

7.Allow light to stream into the house

Just as you would never want to step into a dank, dark house with little natural light, the buyer too would like to have a dwelling with bright and airy interiors. Select light curtains and keep table lamps or floor lamps in corners that are dark.

8.Organize storage space to make them spacious

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If you have abundant storage space around your house then use it as a selling point by keeping your stuff in an organized manner to show off the storage space.

9.Highlight the home’s unique selling points

Whether your home has a vintage style carved walnut wood banister or a modern false ceiling with recessed lighting, all the finer points should be highlighted to every prospective buyer.

10.Keep only essential furniture

Attach purpose to every room, nook and cranny and stage the house with minimal furniture to showcase its length and breadth. 

Show to buyers how they can stock all their belongings into neat spaces around the house.

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