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Wooden floors require meticulous maintenance and today at homify, we are going to show you why.

The restoration of a kitchen floor, the bedroom and the living room in this ideabook resulted in the replacing of all of the floors as well as the introduction of a new style, new colors and a whole new design.

Expert professionals 3B Architects have renovated this home, including the wooden floors, redeveloping the spatial design of this aging town house, while drawing on some of its existing characteristics. 

Let's take a look!

At work

In this image, we can see how the entire room and its surfaces have been gutted. The experts needed to start again from scratch, in order to determine the final layout. 

As we can see in this image, one of the walls has been knocked down, opening up the space to create a bigger living area.

Complete rehabilitation of the house

Everything has been stripped, including the walls, floors and the ceiling. This allows the designers to start from the beginning when it comes to the design of this home as well as the materials for each part of the house.

We will see how this takes on a brand new and original style! This is the dream house for designers as it's like a blank canvas where they can start from fresh.

Destroyed home

In this image, we can see how the wear and tear has completely destroyed the flooring of the home. The wood has completely withered away!

If this is the situation, the first step would be to remove the entire surface of the timber before any restoration. 

The reorganization of an aging town house such as this one requires considering the structural and qualitative elements that exist already and then bringing in new and modern aspects for a contemporary finished project.

All over again

If we make our way through the home, we can see how all of the floors are completely destroyed.

Apart from the design aspects, this doesn't make for a very healthy or hygienic looking home. It's also not safe! There could be rot or mold in these floors, which can be dangerous for the family living in this space. 

It's therefore very important that once the wooden floors are restored that they are sealed, keeping them free of bugs, moisture or mold.

Have a look at these floor styles that stand out for inspiration!

First step in the design

After renovating the floors, walls and ceiling, we can see that this home takes on a very modern and cozy look and feel that is very homely.

The white walls harmonize with the wooden floors. We also love the matte finish, which means no shine!

Bright colors

Warm colors like red and yellow have been introduced into this home, showing the alternation between modern and classic.

To prevent the environment from looking very one-dimensional or bland, the color introduces inspiration! It also means that a variety of different furniture could be included into this space, blending easily into the interior decor of the various room throughout the home.

Don't you love how the colors have been mixed both horizontally and vertically, highlighting the trendy decor of the house along with geometric lines and patterns.

Also have a look this house with a flair for color for inspiration when it comes to introducing splashes of color.

Light oak hardwood

The result is very impressive with clear laminated oak flooring that adapts well to the renovations. A wooden staircase has been introduced into the space, adding a very classic look and feel to the new modern design. 

The second floor was also renovated, adding a beautiful and homely personal space to the house for the family. 

The new living room

Once finished, the new living room seduces us with its cozy atmosphere and elegance of colors. This energizes the key space in this home!

The long shelf above the sofa allows for storage space and adds charm to the living room.

The user-friendly kitchen

The new kitchen charms us with its modernity, bringing in clean lines and trendy furniture. 

A center kitchen island also serves as a mini-bar, giving a new feel to the room that is both functional and stylish!

What do you think of this quirky restoration?

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