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Clean lines and interesting angles define this stylish newlywed couple's home. Located in Seoul, this Korean house has a minimalist vibe in its open layout and crisp edges, but it also exudes a sense of warmth through natural and warm neutral tones. It's the perfect amount of space—never cramped, but never overwhelmingly spacious, just enough to keep this newlywed couple cozy.

Lifted Ceiling Living Room

Eyes are drawn upwards by the lifted ceiling and lights that illuminate its edges. What could be an otherwise ordinary ceiling is made into an appealing and stylish element that creates a sense of lightness in the room. Neutral and natural tones dominate the landscape, with an assortment of mix-and-match pillows on the creamy couch. With a plant and books resting on the coffee table, this living room maintains a sense of that comfortable lived-in feel.

Wide Open Space

This room is lengthened by the long and narrow furniture—the couch resting along one wall, and the low-profile cabinets resting opposite . Your eyes are drawn to the bright window at the end of the room. The window features a smooth, translucent pull-down blind that purposefully lets light through (For more ideas, browse through this lovely window dressing ideabook) Such a streamlined layout just begs for you to wander through the room, gaze through the clear panes, and enjoy the view. The sense of open space is further complimented by the dainty and transparent design of the coffee table—while a larger or bulkier table would obstruct the flow of the space, this lightweight design lets the viewer see right on through, and the glass table top acts as an additional surface for the ample sunshine to reflect.

Floor Plan

Here's a first glance at the simple, earthy tones used in the home's floors. There are plenty of nooks and crannies for privacy and storage, but the central open space is kept very open and inviting. The one and a half bathrooms and extra bedrooms provide a great layout for hosting a guest or for planning ahead to start a family.

The Open Hallway

What would otherwise look like a forgotten extension of the living room is transformed into an open hallway, an illusion created by the use of different materials on the floor. This layout leads the eyes into the next room, creating both visual interests and a feeling of invitation. This design demonstrates that you don't need to put up walls in order to create distinct spaces within a home.

Charming Reading Nook

A lovely, sunlit reading nook creates instant charm. An abandoned corner of the home can easily be turned into a cozy space (with aesthetically appealing and convenient storage) by simply placing a few coordinating cushions on the ground and adding a shelf for your literary collection. This apartment is both modern and minimalistic, but aspects like this reading nook keep it cozy and warm.

Low-Profile Bedroom

Contrasting horizontal colour blocks on the wall lower the gaze to the bed, which also maintains a low-profile. For someone who prefers a sense of closeness and privacy in their bedroom, this layout is perfect. Once again, large windows at the edge of the room draw the eyes to the space outside, providing ample light in the mornings—ideal for early birds!

Bathroom with Large Vanity

This newlywed couple will benefit from this convenient bathroom layout. Similar to the partner-friendly layout found in many hotels, this bathroom features a vanity room in addition to the bathroom—when one person uses the bathroom, the other can still access the mirror and the bathroom storage. 

The bathroom designers on homify offer many more fresh ideas for creating convenient bathroom spaces! 

Details, Details

These decorations are small, but speak volumes. Natural elements like plants, wood, and wax candles compliment the natural hues of the rooms, and the addition of a personal card alludes to friendship, turning a personal souvenir into a sweet decorative element.

The Balcony

This balcony, located outside the bedroom, is absolutely glowing. The translucent window emits an almost ethereal vibe—talk about an escape! Enter this patio, and you're in a whole new world. The minimalist look of this balcony patio is made more friendly by the use of slightly mismatched chairs. 

If you're inspired by this balcony, there are hundreds of other balcony designs for your perusal on homify.

Edgy Storage

This home is an eclectic mix of styles, incorporated modern and minimalist elements with features like this shelving unit, which reflects a more grungy or urban vibe. Pipes and boards are used to create useful floor-to-ceiling shelving, but the thin lines of the materials help the large shelf achieve a look that doesn't dominate the wall. 

Sturdy Kitchen

Attention is drawn to the solid wooden kitchen table. This intentionally blocky piece creates an illusion of sturdiness appropriate for a hearty room like a kitchen. The bi-level light fixtures create interest, providing visual lift and balancing the heavy element of the table. 

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