Gardening: 14 small gardens that are easy to copy

Leigh Leigh
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There is nothing better than a garden, no matter how big or how small your home is. Being able to have a breath of fresh air or a touch of greenery can leave you feeling relaxed or at peace in your little home as you get back in touch with nature. 

It can be a little frustrating to have a small garden as you may feel like there is no point. But today at homify, we are here to tell you that this is not the case. In fact, we have 14 small garden designs to show you today that will take your breath away.

Hopefully they will inspire you and excite you so that you can create your own beautiful and stylish small garden too!

1. Utilize the driveway

If you don't have much green space to work with, make the most of any little nook or cranny in your garden. In fact, why not plant a small garden next to your driveway?

Not only will this make you excited and cheerful when you head home every evening, but it will add some color and natural decor to the exterior of your home. 

2. Don't forget about the balcony

If you have no space outside your home, then make the most of your balcony space. So often this area of the home is overlooked or wasted, but in this design we can just how much potential it holds.

Install shelves or even create a vertical garden and this will become a warm and fresh space that you'll never want to leave.

Have a look at these tips on how you can create and plant a vertical garden.

3. Add a water feature

Water features can completely enhance an area of any home. Even if you don't have green spaces to work with, you can install a water feature in a courtyard or on a terrace to bring a touch of the natural to a home.

A water feature not only looks beautiful, but it adds a wonderful soothing sound to the surrounding ambiance.

4. Enhance your facade

A small garden can transform the exterior of your home, creating a very homely and visually appealing facade. 

In this design, by professionals Juan Carlos Loyo Architects, we can see how the rocks, plants and flowers work in perfect harmony with the white walls.  

5. Add a pattern

You have to make the most of ever square inch available to you, especially if your garden is small. Maximize the space by adding detailed patterns or designs to the space with rocks. Also be careful to plan your plant and flower design strategically. You want it to look neat and beautifully landscaped.

Also have a look at these 7 inspirational small gardens!

6. Use pots

For convenience, use pots throughout your home to add a touch of greenery without having to dig any holes. 

Plant pots and vases come in so many shapes, sizes and colors, which become a design element in themselves.

7. Add natural materials

Wood and stone can enhance any small garden, bringing a rustic touch of ambiance to the garden.This adds charm and personality, especially when there isn't that much space to work with.

You can use these materials for the flooring of a little terrace, walls or even a garden path. Do you see what an effect they have?

8. Play with layers

If your home is on a slope, this doesn't mean a garden is out of the question for you. In fact uneven land can result in the most gorgeous tiered garden.

In this design, we can see how a garden has been created on different levels, creating the most beautiful design. Use stones, flowers, plants and rocks to enhance a slope on your property. 

9. Creating a little garden spot

In this design, we can see how a tiny space has been utilized for a seating area where the garden and the fresh air can be enjoyed in a comfortable spot. 

The chairs hang from the ceiling, meaning that they take up very little floor space. This allows for fresh plants and flowers to be planted underneath them—not an inch of garden space can be wasted.

Tip: Invest in durable garden furniture that will last through all weather conditions.

10. Define the areas

Use stone or wood partitions to separate your garden from the rest of the outdoor space. This will allow you to clearly define where your garden starts and ends, creating a very neat look and feel.

11. Stones

We've spoken about how stones and wood can enhance the design of your home, but in this picture we can see how big of a role they can play in the aesthetics of the garden. White stones work in direct contrast with the greenery of the plants and flowers, creating a very dramatic look and feel.

Also have a look at this ideabook on making a big impression with a small front garden.

12. Add some color

Have some fun with your garden—it should be a bright and inspiration space after all!

Add some bright and cheerful flowers, some bold pots and even a brightly colored wall, like in this design. 

13. Shaded space

If you don't have much sunlight in your garden, never fear. You can opt for plants that thrive in the shade and still end up with a beautiful and vibrant garden. Speak to your local nursery about which plants work best.

14. Hang them

Hang plants throughout your home, creating a beautiful green effect. These can work in any room in the house including the bathroom, bedroom or even the kitchen. They also work beautifully throughout the exterior of the home—as we can see in this design.

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Which ideas will you be copying? Let us know below!

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