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Before and After: A dull apartment turns chic

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Even if you are not easily surprised, the transformation of this old and lifeless apartment is something that is guaranteed to leave you stunned. From a dreary and drab looking place, to something a little bit extraordinary, the architects and designers really splashed some life and color into this old timer with a spectacular renovation. 

If you are prepared to see something really inspiring, then keep scrolling. 

The Balcony

The balcony is quite uninspiring. With nothing much to see but the view, there is a bareness that feels very unwelcoming and dull. 

Not used to its full advantage, it is easy to see just how much this space is yearning for some fresh decorating ideas. 

Fresh inspiration

By laying a fresh new floor which resembles the lawn, the balcony looks bright and happy. A simple table setting and some plants on the wall have made this the perfect spot to entertain guests. 

A dilapidated bathroom

This bathroom is in urgent need of repair. Without having been updated for what seems like decades, the dreary and worn-out look of this bathroom demands a complete overhaul. 

A puzzling transformation

Is this the same bathroom? I know it's hard to believe your eyes, but it's amazing what the decorators have done with this space. 

Making full use of the window that we didn't even know was there, coupled with some vibrant contrasting colors of blue, white and orange; the bathroom is certainly making a brand new statement. A perfect choice of patterned tiles to add some life and creativity, it certainly feels like a space in which you would feel positive. 

A gloomy kitchen

There is nothing inspiring about this kitchen. Mismatched and forlorn, it does not inspire one to linger past the time it takes to make a meal. 

Outdated appliances and a morose color scheme, the kitchen could really benefit from some innovative ideas. 

Young and vibrant

This kitchen has come a long way from it's gloomy predecessor. Inspired by a cafe design, updated appliances and a catchy backdrop of tiles, it is  both functional and stylish.

A bare bedroom

This space does not feel like a bedroom, nor does it feel like it is part of a welcoming home. With nothing much to see but a mattress, the space feels cramped and small. 

New bedroom ideas

The interior decorators have achieved so much when it comes to this bedroom, especially in making it appear bigger than it actually is by using decorating tricks. 

By re-painting the window, adding soft delicate furnishings, and a vibrant color scheme to the room, it certainly is a fresh new nook to dwell in. 

A somber living room

The decor of the living room offers no inspiration. A mismatched style of furnishings and an uninviting ambiance, it is hard to imagine this space as the heart of the home. 

Beautiful new living quarters

With new furniture and a vivid turquoise color scheme for the doors, there is a whole new dynamic at play in this vibrant living room. Contrasting colors are used once again to create a mood of hot and cold, rustic and modern.  

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Do you live in an apartment that needs some color? Which colors work best to bring some life into a dull apartment? 

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