An Argentinian home from the future

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This stunning home is designed by Vismaracorsi Arquitectos and is found in Rosario, a city in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. Whilst Argentinian architecture celebrates the traditional and the contemporary, this home makes a striking impression and can be counted as a very unique find. Ranking highly on the innovative scale with its modern architecture and savvy interior design, it certainly is something to admire!

Whilst it assumes a simplistic exterior and looks very much like a large matchbox on first glance, when we slide inside we are faced with something very different; an immense amount of space. 

Let's take a look…

First impressions

Appearing at first like a large rectangular box that is lit from the inside, the facade of this home presents us with both the modern and the futuristic. Luminous and delightful, with lawn on both sides of the driveway for balance, it blends the natural with the man-made perfectly. 

Dreamy and delightful

It is not hard to believe that the back of the house is even more amazing than the front. The impact of the white render makes a huge statement, whilst the reflection of the windows on the pool creates a glossy finish. The landscape is simple and works to emphasize the grandeur of the home.  

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Light luxury

Making our way inside, where white furniture takes precedence, the home boasts luxury and sophistication with its approach to light and space. Just as we enter the house, the dining room presents a perfect spot to entertain guests, whilst the hanging lights give off a beachy glow. 

The living areas are designed with warm weather in mind, with the outdoor kitchen providing a view of both the dining and sitting areas. 

An uncomplicated kitchen

Which brings us to the kitchen. Designed on a plateau of delicacy with a white color scheme, the modern appliances lavished with style ensure that the kitchen ticks all the boxes when it comes to convenience and efficiency.

A room in which to think

The office space is located at the rear of the home. The window is positioned at full height and the views of the outside are spectacular. With plenty of inspiration at a glance, this indoor working space makes you feel like you are outdoors basking in sunlight. 

Joyous living room

There is much to admire about this living room. From the sumptuous furnishings to the gorgeous decor, this space feels, for want of a better word, ethereal. The plants encased in glass are treated like fine sculptures which add balance and color, whilst the combination of natural earthy tones coupled with pristine brightness, create a flawless finish. 

A contemporary bedroom

The bedroom is a perfect size and offers beautiful views across the yard through the large picture window. Again, white takes precedence to create a carefree, fresh look overall, whilst the floorboards add a touch of the natural. 

Bathroom bliss

The design of the bathroom features a space which feels accommodating and fresh. The large mirror creates a visual abyss and gives the illusion of space beyond. Designed with efficiency in mind, this bathroom is both elegant and stylish.  

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