Feng Shui—7 tricks to attract money into your home!

Leigh Leigh
Dhiren Tharnani IMAGE N SHAPE Modern Windows and Doors
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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing with the surrounding environment.

One of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, called physiognomy, it is all about the observation of appearances through formulas and calculations. It is based on the principle that invisible forces bind the universe, earth and humanity together.

Today at homify we are going to look at seven feng shui tricks that, according to Chinese philosophy, will attract money into your home, bringing you wealth and prosperity.

Let's take a look!

1. Remove unnecessary items

The last thing you want are items in your home that are not functional, which cause clutter and chaos in this space. This leads to very messy and untidy rooms! It also keeps old energy in the home, clogging it up. Have a yard sale or donate anything that isn't functional or necessary to charity. You'll have a brand new and refreshed energy!

2. Use reds, greens or violets

suíte master - vermelho, preto, branco, cinza e bege Mariana Von Kruger Modern Bedroom
Mariana Von Kruger

suíte master—vermelho, preto, branco, cinza e bege

Mariana Von Kruger

These colors will attract prosperity into your home so opt for red cushions like these design professionals have done here, violet rugs or green walls.

It will also make for a gorgeous bedroom or living room design.

3. Invest in the outside of your home

Dhiren Tharnani IMAGE N SHAPE Modern Windows and Doors

Dhiren Tharnani


If the outside of your home doesn't look attractive, it's not going to attract guests, love, attention or money! Prune your garden, maintain the facade and invest in beautiful lights that allow you to find your way to the front door in the evenings as well as light up the details of your exterior design.

Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses.

4. A clean kitchen

A kitchen is the heart and soul of the home so if it's neat, clean and organized, you set the tone for a neat, clean and organized home. The money will come knocking!

Opt for a modern kitchen design with plenty of storage space, allowing your counter tops to be tidy and clear of any clutter.

5. Warm bedroom

Oft for warm and soft tones in your bedroom, which will make it feel like a cocoon or a little haven. You should feel at peace and full of harmony when you are in this space, allowing you to face the world with energy and vigor so you can earn that money!

Also make sure you don't have any mirrors facing the bed.

6. Close the toilet

Main Bathroom homify Modern Bathroom

Main Bathroom


You don't want any money, wealth or prosperity being flushed away so keep your toilets closed in your bathrooms.

7. Invest in feng shui wealth crystals

Use them as decorative elements throughout your home!

Did you find this ideabook useful? Do you have any Feng Shui tips for our readers?

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