Interior: 8 ideas for a modern bedroom

Leigh Leigh
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A bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's a little haven where you can escape from the rest of the world as well as an expression of your personality. It should exude warmth and homeliness, giving you a chance to regroup, relax and find peace before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning.

This is why today at homify, we are going to show you some of the hottest and most modern bedroom designs in the industry at the moment, which will give you the inspiration to transform your home into a creative little nook that is not only an expression of your personality but also a little cocoon.

Let's take a look at these funky, modern spaces!

1. The rustic cocoon

In this design, we can see how rustic is in! A rough wooden wall brings in this rustic element, creating a very cozy and warm space. It is enhanced by the different shades of blues used throughout this bedroom.

We can also see what a big role lighting plays in a bedroom design—but you don't have to go the traditional route. Opt for letters that are lit up in lights on your wall or a funky lamp that hangs from the ceiling.

2. The canopy bed

The idea of a canopy bed may seem a bit colonial or old-fashioned, but if done right, it can transform the entire look and feel of a bedroom, with little need for other decor in the space.

If you go for a canopy bed, opt for neutral colors. The canopy will add quite a lot of detail in this space as it is, so soft colors will neutralize the room.

3. The minimalist bedroom

There is no place more zen or more peaceful than a minimalist bedroom. When it comes to minimalism, you only want to include items in your bedroom that are necessary.

This bedroom, by design professionals Valentirov & Partners, shows how all you need in a bedroom is a bed and a light. Don't over-complicate it!

If you like this style, have a look at these: 7 minimalist interiors that wow.

4. Natural tones

Natural tones can create a warm bedroom haven that exudes coziness and comfort. It's all in the detail! 

Opt for plush cushions and decor items that will enhance this natural look and feel, such as the wooden bench that we see in this design. You'll feel like you are one with nature in a bedroom like this.

5. Recycling and DIY

If you're on a budget but you want to renovate your bedroom, then this is the answer! Use recycled items or repaint existing furniture to give a fresh look and feel to the space.

In this design, we can see how old pallets have been suspended from the ceiling, creating a very innovative bed that looks as comfortable as it does trendy. You can also recycle an old ladder and use it as hanging space. There are so many DIY options!

6. Blue hues

Blue is a very calming and peaceful color, which is always a great addition to a bedroom. Pair blues with neutral colors such as white, wood, brown, beige or even black for a very tranquil effect.

Have a look at this ideabook on how colors influence your bedroom to see what other colors work well for your little haven.

7. Tropical style

If you're a fan of vibrant colors and patterns, why not opt for a more tropical design? Go for colorful or patterned wallpaper and bright cushions!

We suggest keeping the foundation of your bedroom more neutral, however, which will allow you to change the color scheme more more easily if need be. Simply swap out the cushions and paint the walls and you'll have a brand new bedroom.

8. Be creative

Dare to be different in your bedroom—it's your space after all! Add some funky shapes and creative twists to your bedroom. You'll never want to leave!

Don't you love this curved headboard that encloses the bed in a little nook?

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Which is your favorite bedroom?

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