11 easy ways to beautify a small home

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Living in a small home does not have to be a decorating challenge. There are many ways in which you can create more space, make use of the space you already have or completely redecorate to make it feel beautiful! The design professionals behind these simple yet sophisticated ideas have utilized a few tricks from the book, so we can now bring you 11 easy ways to beautify a small home. 

Whether you live in a tiny urban apartment or a home with limited space, you don't have to be a design genius to follow some of these simple methods to beautify your home. Read on for some seriously creative tips!

1. Awash with color

Color always brightens up any room, and if your home boasts a combined living/dining room, you can easily segregate different areas to create entertainment zones. Remember to stay fresh and vibrant when selecting your hues. 

2. The great divide

If you live in an open-plan home, try dividing the room 'visually' rather than architecturally by paining the walls a different color. Take a look at this adorable room for some fresh ideas. 

3. Originality

Add items to your home that are eye-catching and original. By encouraging your eye to linger on the unusual, you and your guests will actually take pleasure in soaking up the ambiance without noticing the size of the space. 

4. A sense of grandeur

Invest in a few lavish furnishings so that you can create a sense of grandeur.  It is amazing just how much of a difference it makes to a small space to have some sumptuous items!

5. Spoil with plants

Spoil your home by peppering it with plants which create a sense of being outdoors, and also add vibrancy and color to your surroundings. Choose pots which suit and swap them if your style changes!

6. Add artwork

Artwork always creates a sense of splendor and aesthetic flair. Choose artworks which inspire the idea of escape or are unusual. 

7. Create a sense of perspective

Utilize bright and unique joinery to create different vantage points in your room. The focus does not have to be on the size of your room, but your eyes should be inspired to travel to different areas of intrigue.  

8. Blend antique with contemporary

By making two epochs collaborate alongside one another, you are immediately bringing worlds together. Use furniture which reflects a different time period such as an antique piece, and merge it with something new, sleek and shiny. 

9. Utilize your balcony

Extend your living space to the balcony by investing in a few outdoor furniture pieces which inspire a sense of entertainment and pleasure. 

10. Organize

Organize your space by investing in effective storage which will keep your home clutter-free. Limit your decor to just the essentials to ensure your space is neat and tidy

11. Designate a play area

If you have children, it is difficult to keep mess at bay. By creating interesting, visually enticing and comfortable spots for them, you will encourage them to actually use them!

Are you inspired to redecorate your space? Share what you find beautiful!

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