11 Clever Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

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The atmosphere of your bedroom affects your sleep and also how easily you can unwind after a hard day at work. A cluttered bedroom is bound to hamper your sleep and tranquillity, while a clean bedroom will definitely put your mind at ease. So how do you get rid of clutter and make your bedroom look more spacious, clean and breathable? Adding additional storage usually solves the problem, when it is done cleverly. But it might also ruin the aesthetics of the room if you don’t put much thought into it. So here we present 11 smart ways you can ensure your bedroom looks bigger, neater and a place where you can fall asleep instantly.

1. The tale of the bed

Your bed is the centre of attraction in your bedroom. Use this to your advantage and add storage around or under your bed, as shown here. Shelves at the bottom are perfect for storing just about anything from books, shoes to seasonal clothes and more.

2. Shelved stuff

Instead of external shelves, convert an entire wall with built-in shelves. You can store pictures, little trinkets or books in them. This will leave the rest of the space in your room open and airy.

3. Storage down under

Beds + pull out drawer = Perfect storage. These drawers under the rustic bed are perfect for storing extra linen, pillows or blankets. Especially if you have a big or high bed, it will be easy for you to customise storage space underneath. This beautiful bed was supplied by Allnatura, an online shop in Heubach.

4. There’s more to your mattress

The furniture industry is constantly trying out innovations to make life easier and more hassle-free than ever. So pick a hydraulic bed or one which comes with a mattress that can be lifted easily to expose storage space underneath. This can be used for organising clothes, quilts, things that you will never use etc.

5. Make your shoes disappear

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Shoes lying around are any homeowner’s worst nightmare, especially in the bedroom. Install a shoe rack at the bottom of your bed for storage. A simple pull-out mechanism will display all your shoes. Push it in once you’re done, and you’ll be left with a clutter-free space.

6. Modular magic

Small bedrooms need to be planned carefully. This one uses modular furniture to maximize space and storage simultaneously. The seating arrangement converts into a bed frame, killing two birds with one stone.

7. A sliding bed

A sliding bed as shown here, will definitely appeal to your inner child. Being able to move your bed around means you can use every inch of the room, depending on your need.

8. No more dresser woes

Wall mounted shelves, meet wall mounted dressing table. If you are short on space, this is a great design idea to implement in your room. This way, you will be able to organise your cosmetics and all beauty essentials without compromising extra floor space.

9. A closet with a difference

Use curtains instead of a traditional closet in your bedroom to hide clothes, shoes and accessories. Pick a thick, glossy, deep-coloured fabric to lend an air of royalty to your room. The flexibility of the curtains allows you to store just about anything behind them, without investing in a separate wardrobe which will take up more space.

10. Working with shapes

A slanted wall is actually a pretty great feature for a bedroom, particularly in the attic. It gives your home a unique shape from both inside and outside. You can always use creative ways to place your bed and closet in order to maximize the space and take advantage of the unusual shape. And if the slanted wall is equipped with skylights, the bedroom will appear larger than it is.

11. Unusual wardrobes

So you’re still short of space in your bedroom? Maybe it is time to look at unconventional wardrobe designs. This stylish wardrobe right here uses advanced joinery and cabinet design to incorporate different storage solutions while maximizing the external space.

Hopefully, you are now all set to make your bedroom look as spacious as possible with these fabulous ideas. Here's another story that might pique your interest: Partition Your Bedroom in These 9 Clever Ways.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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