8 Innovative Dining Choices for Everyone

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The dining space in a house is not just about an ordinary table and a couple of commonplace chairs, it's the place where a family sits down to enjoy a lovely meal together and share the highlights of their days. A beautiful dining space can enhance the yummy factor of a simple meal, but a room lacking in style can at times put you off finger-licking dishes as well. With houses being built in a variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts, homeowners have to use considerable ingenuity to come up with dining arrangements that fit beautifully into their homes and budgets. Be it a big house with more than enough space for a lavish dining set-up or a small home with a combined dining area and kitchen that requires a cosy affair, here we have compiled eight options that would be ideal for a range of homes.

1. Saving space in a small home

A small home necessitates a smart dining set-up. A bench extending from the wall of an integrated dining room and kitchen is an excellent way to conserve space, without compromising on a smart appearance. The dining table runs neatly along the bench and the dining chairs fit snugly under the table—a cosy arrangement that is quite perfect for the room. The white, cream and brown colour scheme is in harmony with the rest of the house, while the pendant lights add a dash of style.

2. Convenience and aesthetics in a long hall

In a home that is primarily a long space, consisting of the living area and dining area as well as a single-line kitchen running against one section of the wall, it is wisest to place the dining table strategically parallel to the kitchen. Apart from the convenience factor, the elegant black and grey dining table and chairs are a perfect contrast opposite a predominantly white kitchen. The brown and black furniture at either end of the hall completes the symmetry in the colour scheme.

3. Luxurious comfort around a round table

A big house with a designated dining area can have any kind of dining arrangement, but there’s nothing to beat the intimacy of a beautiful round table with the luxurious comfort of plush armchairs around it and an elegant chandelier overhead.  A round table makes it extremely convenient for the diners to converse with each other too.

4. Small, stylish and compact

One useful option for a very small home with perhaps just a single occupant is a dining table built against a wall. Instead of legs, this table has shelves to support it. This unique idea saves floor space and increases storage space, while appearing perfectly trendy below the grey pendant lights.

5. A choice of seats

Some people prefer chairs while others prefer cushioned seats – so why not have both up for offer? With chairs on one side of the dining table and a cushioned bench on the other, diners can choose whichever they like. This also saves space since the bench extends directly from the chic wooden partition wall, and the contemporary black pendant lights add a touch of glamour to the arrangement. This smart and charming dining space was rendered by the interior architects at Coblonal Arquitectura in Barcelona. 

6. Kitchen island extends to dining table

A terrific way to conserve space is to make the dining table an extension of the kitchen island. There’s additional space for preparation and, while eating, everything is near at hand. There is certainly no compromise on style – the striking dark wooden and white colour scheme looks very classy!

7. A rustic ledge for a narrow space

A ledge against a wall may not seem like much of a dining table but, spruced up like this, it sure looks fun! This table is ideal for a narrow area and the rustic look and plants at either end make it attractive indeed. The mirrors reflect what’s going on behind you and also create a little illusion of spaciousness.

8. Peaceful coexistence with the kitchen

For a small house that boasts a pleasing casual look, an informal dining arrangement tucked snugly behind the kitchen island is a first-rate option. The cosy sofa seating is flush against the island and wall, making a space-saving L-shape, and there is easy communication between the kitchen and dining area.

Thus, no matter what size the house, what shape the room, or what width the hall – there’s a design for each and every abode to make the dining experience the most delicious of all! Check out another inspiring ideabook here: 7 smart ways to make your dining room a show-stopper.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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