10 Stoves That Are Too Hot To handle

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Remember the old wood-fired and coal stoves that used to be a part of most Indian homes when you were growing up? Much as they might add nostalgia to your kitchen, in modern apartments, they are impractical as they might smoke you out of your own home! While it is all right to have a tandoori oven or a brick pizza oven in a large backyard, few of us have that luxury.

Countertop stoves are the new trend in Indian kitchens. They come in a range of designs and sizes to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. We’ve picked the 10 most amazing ones that we have seen in Indian homes.

​Double the Beauty

In this modern kitchen that is primarily brown and white, the two black smooth-top stoves break the monotony and add interesting contrast.

Which of these stoves do you dream of having in your home? For more tips on kitchen design, visit this ideabook.

​Spaceship Galley

HYDE PARK TOWER, BIBBEWADI, PUNE Chaney Architects Modern Kitchen
Chaney Architects


Chaney Architects

Set on a long rectangular island in a modern kitchen, this smooth-top stove oozes sophistication. While its design is reminiscent of a galley-style kitchen in a spaceship or ship, we can’t decide what makes it hotter, the gorgeous view beyond or the stunning minimalist design!

​Tiered Beauty

It’s a simple countertop two-burner, but the higher tier in front helps to make this stove a private space, where the chef can work without being disturbed. The low hood overhead adds style by casting a cool white light on the stove.

​In the Spotlight

While this large four burner stovetop doesn’t look extraordinary at first glance, turn on the hood lights, and it is stunning with the gorgeous brown and white mosaic-tiled backdrop.

​Beauty by Numbers

The stoves in this kitchen catch one’s eye because of they stand in a group on parallel counters. The kitchen comprises both counter-top stoves with grills as well as three separate smooth top ones. It certainly spells professional kitchen!

​Modern Country

ethnic kitchen ZERO9 Kitchen

ethnic kitchen


Country kitchens have warmth and charm, making it everybody’s favourite. The stove in this lovely kitchen adds a beautiful modern element by contrasting with the yellow tiles and wooden cabinets. The silver hood shines brightly on the wall to add to the look.

​Private Island

Few stoves have the privilege of exclusivity (without a sink or seating) on a kitchen island. This one makes our list for this reason. Set in a beautifully designed kitchen that has contrasting shades of grey, white and red, the central position of the stove makes it a stunner!

​Minimalist Centrepiece

The minimalist kitchen in which it is set doesn’t distract from this lovely island stove. Under the glow of the overhead hood lights as well as the under-cabinet lights in the background, it looks too good to be true!

​Summer in the Garden

This stunning kitchen stove caught our eye because of the beautiful island that it rests on. The floral pattern gives it a summery feel, and the same pattern carries through to the rest of the room to make this one of the hottest stoves we have seen.

​Black Beauty

The soothing blue floral patterned tiles in this kitchen are lovely, but it’s the sleek black stove with its matching hood that stands out and adds a stylish modern element, making the kitchen unforgettable.

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