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The sophisticated little family home

Leigh Leigh
松岡健治一級建築士事務所 Minimalist garage/shed
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Designed by Japanese architect professionals, today's homify 360 is an example of how simplicity and sophistication collide. 

This sophisticated little family home holds only the basic necessities, yet oozes a subtle charm that anyone looking for an interior (or exterior) home make-over could learn from. So often, we believe that we should fill our homes with artwork, furniture and decor items to create a stylish space, but sometimes less is in fact more.

Today we will explore this little family home and see how the designers have achieved such a special little architectural gem, while keeping the home so minimalist.

The simple exterior

If we look at the home from the outside, we can see how simple yet elegant it is.

The facade features three different materials and colors, including wood, a grey plastered wall and a blue-grey iron roof. These are all very neutral and subtle, working together in perfect harmony. Yet the wooden panel along the left-hand side of the home adds a quirky yet natural touch to the facade, which makes it very visually appealing. It also sparks our curiosity—what will we find behind that wooden door?

The home is a simple design and is neither too big or too ostentatious. This is a little family home that you could picture in any neighborhood.

The roof features a large skylight, which is sure to bring lots of natural light into the home. We will find out later!

Exterior spaces

In this image, we can see what the wooden door reveals!

The designers have worked with exterior spaces, creating a gorgeous wooden terrace that runs parallel to the interior of the home. This provides a lovely little spot where the family can enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air.  A rectangle hollowing in the wooden flooring allows for a comfortable seating position. 

You'll notice there is no other furniture here, resulting in a very sleek and minimalist look and feel. Yet the wood makes it very warm and inviting.

Don't you love the wooden beam that runs along the top of the terrace? This adds some geometric perspective to the slanted roof—gorgeous!

The kitchen

If we head inside the home, we can come across a little kitchen nestled under the slanted ceiling. It features the same neutral colors that we saw outside the home, including white and a soft brown wood. 

The kitchen isn't overtly large, fitting neatly into the corner of the open plan living space. A small breakfast bar separates it from the rest of the home, also providing the kitchen with a little nook where the family can enjoy a more casual space for eating breakfast or having a glass of wine. While the chef is cooking up a storm, there is plenty of company close by.

Do you notice how the designers have included some kitchen cabinets on the wall, over the window? This still allows natural light to filter in while allowing for optimal storage space. This is a great design tip! Utilize vertical space for storage, especially if you have a small home. 

The wooden staircase

If we take a step back, we can see how the wooden staircase leads up to the second floor. This wooden staircase is chic and stylish.

Wood is always great for a staircase as it transforms a functional element into a gorgeous design element. When you have a minimalist design, this is very necessary.

Have a look at these wooden staircases that wow for inspiration for your own home. You can also add some gorgeous accessories and decoration to your staircase if you want a touch of color or personality.

Vertical space

This image shows us how the designers have made the absolute most of vertical space. The designers have used the right-hand wall to hang up the bicycles so that they don't take up any floor space. This is innovative and trendy. These also form decor pieces on the wall!

The light wooden floors, light wooden walls and light wooden ceiling create a cozy little haven where you can escape fro the rest of the world.

You'll also notice what a big role natural light plays in this home. The large glass windows and doors allow sunlight to stream into this space. Light is a key element in modern and minimalist homes.

In the soft glow

We can see that lighting plays an important role even throughout the exterior of the home. The designers have strategically placed lights throughout the facade, illuminating certain details throughout. 

The difference in colors and textures is very apparent, thanks to the outdoor lighting. How subtle and gorgeous does this look!

Have a look at these outdoor lighting ideas for modern houses.

This home is sophisticated in the most simple and understated way possible. 

What do you think of this family home?

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