10 habits to keep your home clean and tidy

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If there is anything we think is important, it is having a clean and organized home. Regardless of your design or style, a clean house always makes for a beautiful home! What's more is that it is not very soothing for your mind or your body to sit in a messy or dirty home!

Unfortunately, we don't always have the time and the patience to keep everything neatly in order.

Yet it is possible, without becoming obsessed with cleaning! By introducing a number of routine tasks that prevent your house from becoming a mess, you can keep it clean every single day. Another plus is that you will save time spring cleaning if you tidy up more regularly. So what do you need? Just 5 to 10 minutes a day!

In this homify ideabook, we are going to share some suggestions that will ensure your home is cleaner and neater. Hopefully we will be able to help you so that you can have your house clean in a jiffy.

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1. Limit the number of loose objects in a space

The daily newspaper, magazines, books, loose cables and chargers—all of these objects that we use everyday can make the whole area—especially the living room—look very sloppy.

Fortunately it is very easy to solve this problem by finding a fixed position or a home for each of these objects, preferably out of sight. Think of storage baskets or boxes. This way your home will look a lot clearer, yet you will still have everything at your fingertips.

2. Don't leave things until tomorrow

The living room is a place where you generally spend a lot of time with your family or your partner. Make sure that before you go to sleep, everything is back in its right space for the next day. Fold up the throws, put the dishes away in the kitchen and plump up the cushions. 

It's the little things that can make a big difference. This way you are greeted in the morning by a neat and organized home that will be that much more cozy and organized to come home to. 

3. Give the windows a wipe

Give your windows a wipe once a week with a wet cloth to get them sparkly clean. Dirty windows can make even the most modern and sophisticated home look shabby and unkempt.

There are also some great products on the market that you can use to get rid of dirt or grime with just one squirt.

4. A quick cleanup for the bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom and the toilet can be a time consuming task. If you choose to give your bathroom a more regular clean, you'll notice that the weekly clean is that much quicker. 

For starters, dry the tiles after you shower to prevent moisture gathering in the bathroom, which will require more polishing. Hang up the wet towels so that they dry quickly and put all dirty clothes in the hamper. Also place a tea towel in the bathroom where you can polish the taps every time you have a few moments. Clean taps give a very sparkling impression!

Are you just looking for a professional who can help you achieve your perfect bathroom? Maybe you can find them here at homify. Choose an architect who can help you design the perfect bathroom space.

5. Make your bed and ventilate your bedroom

In principle, the preparation of your bed should be a simple task that can be done quickly. Yet not everyone succeeds too well in the early morning! But you need to try and make a habit of it. All you need to do is open the duvet and plump up the pillows.

It's also important to open a window, even in winter. You can choose to open a vent as well. After a night's sleep, it is very important to ventilate your room so that the air is refreshed. These jobs take a few moments, so no excuses.

6. Pack away your dishes as you go

We all hate to do the dishes, but you need to try and clean them and pack them away every night. If it is too late or you don't have time them then rinse them off at least and pile them in your sink. If you've already rinsed away the food particles, it will be much easier to clean later on. 

When you have extra time wipe a cloth over the stove and the counter tops to wash away any spills or food residue. You don't want there to be any particles left over, which causes bad smells or attracts pests.

Also have a look at these tips for cleaning your kitchen equipment.

7. Keep your kitchen tidy and minimalist

By utilizing the storage space in your kitchen, you can create a space that constantly looks clean. Keep cutlery, crockery and glassware neatly out of sight. 

minimalist kitchen is inviting for the family as well as any guests who might drop by. With any unnecessary items stored out of sight, you won't have any clutter or chaos.

8. Place a laundry basket in each bedroom

By placing a laundry basket in each bedroom, it is impossible to have dirty clothes lying around. It's also less likely that clothes will end up on the ground or strewn over a chair or at the end of the bed. 

Doing laundry will also be much quicker, whether you do it weekly or daily. All you need to do is pick up your laundry basket and whisk it away. A piece of cake!

9. Choose a designated laundry area

If you choose one space in the house that is designated to the laundry, you are less likely to have washing powder, drying clothes and ironing boards lying around. Whether it's the bathroom or the kitchen or a private laundry room, this will help you keep your home far more organized.

Also have a look at these tips: wait before you buy that washing machine.

10. Make a realistic schedule for cleaning days

As we mentioned earlier in the ideabook, most people choose to tackle the whole house in one day when it comes to cleaning. That is fine, but there is also another possibility. You can divide this big job into smaller jobs over two shorter days. For example, you can choose to deal with the upstairs of the house on one day and the downstairs on the other day. Consider what works for you.

This is the last tip when it comes to this ideabook. Want more tips and advice on cleaning? Have a look at these things you definitely clean wrong.

Do you have any tips to add? How do you keep your home organised and clean?

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