Dingy to divine: a Japanese home makeover story

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There comes a time for every house, when the old design elements need to go and modern accents have to be ushered in. Otherwise, the old structure continues to exist as a dark and dingy place where forward-thinking homeowners refuse to live. With today's property, too, the architects at Fu Set Huset Co. Ltd. embarked on a remarkable makeover mission to infuse the dated abode with style, brightness, colour and modern appeal. It was once a depressing and shabby home which offered no visual or sensual pleasure. But now, Kego Rinobe is a delightful residence which is airy, open and armed with sleek designs and practical finishes. Today, it truly reflects the vibrant and culturally rich city of Fukuoka, in which it is located. So let’s find out more about its transformation…

Before: traditional and gloomy interiors

This was an old Japanese-style interior with dark green walls and traditional woodwork which added to the gloomy atmosphere. The flooring was uninspiring, and there was an urgent need to brighten up the space. The lack of tasteful furnishing also made the area appear stark.

After: a spacious and well-lit room

The main hall of the house was given a dash of chirpy and amply-lit novelty, which is refreshing and inviting. The partition wall was removed, and instead, a massive floor-to-ceiling glass doorway was installed to create an open vibe. As a result, natural light now floods the interiors in abundance and without hindrance, while the light-hued wooden flooring complements the spotless white walls nicely. The furnishing chosen for this space is tasteful, sleek and contemporary, while artworks and mirrors glam up the no-nonsense walls. The pretty patterned rug and the fresh flowers help in livening up the space too.

Before: an uninviting entrance

The entrance to the house before the renovation was an unimpressive one, with a small and dingy feel. The play of light was not adequate, and the setting was completely outdated.

After: sophisticated and welcoming

We don’t need to emphasise that the entire entrance area has undergone a stunning makeover, with little changes here and there. The brand new stylish door, the solid black stairs, the pristine whiteness of the walls and the elegant floor – all seem to be in harmony with each other, lending the entire place a cosy and vivacious appearance. The vibrant framed artwork finds its true beauty under the focused light, while a quirky stool comes in useful when you want to sit and take off your shoes.

Before: drab and morose

The kitchen design was redundant, and that goes without saying. Old-fashioned cabinets and dull white tiles didn’t improve matters. The non-descript flooring and boring old fixtures had to go, too. Fortunately, the architects saw the kitchen’s potential in its spacious layout and the light streaming in through the glass doors, and converted this space into a modern haven for culinary delights.

After: a smart and contemporary kitchen

During renovation, the cupboards cluttering the space above the countertop were removed. The countertop itself is now a sleek and minimalistic unit in rich laminate, fitted with ample storage space. It accommodates the appliances efficiently, and sports a streamlined look owing to the embedded cook top and smart sink. The modern chimney is a sensible addition, and the chrome shines beautifully against the white walls. The kitchen has also become lighter and brighter with a big window, which allows abundant natural to permeate the space.

So you see how some clever structural tweaks, fresh and cheerful colours, modern designs and stylish decorative accents transformed this dreary and dingy house dramatically! Take a look at another before & after story for some more ideas: Drab to fab: a dreadfully dated home gets some class.

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