A Vibrant Villa with Unique Touches

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Cariló, Estudio Sespede Arquitectos Estudio Sespede Arquitectos Modern Garden
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We are in the bustling and cosmopolitan capital of Argentina today, and Buenos Aires has wowed us with its charming European feel, beautiful modern and old buildings, and exciting nightlife. The vibrant appeal of the city seems to have worked its magic on Carilo too, which is a splendid villa designed by the architects at Estudio Sespede Arquitectos. The lavish use of glass and stone makes this residence stand out, while its sudden pops of cheery hues offer pleasant surprises now and then. The modern and elegant interiors also flaunt hints of rusticity and quirky touches, while the sunny and refreshing backyard will take your breath away.

Pristine White Quarters with Glassy Delights

The décor and structure of the living space seem to get along perfectly well, as the room comes alive with the slim railings of the mezzanine floor overlooking this space. This spacious, bright and airy space is done up with double height glass windows, which lend an exclusively luxurious feel. Hues like creamy white, cool grey, rich beige, and pastel shades of blue and green rule the cosy furnishing of this area. And they complement the wooden accents nicely too. The soft colour palette enhances the beauty of the glazing all around, and promise sheer comfort.

Stony Luxury in the Dining Room

The dining room of the home is minimalistic yet luxurious. The solid and long wooden table exudes a countryside appeal, and is surrounded by modish chairs in grey upholstery. The stone feature wall contributes to the stylishly rustic aura of the space, while the cascading drapes lend a magical feel.

Quirky Touches

The mezzanine floor of the house is a glass-bound affair that enhances the openness of the interiors by leaps and bounds. But what caught our eye in the passage upstairs, is the quirky shelving unit built into the wall. With its uniquely shaped shelves and the storage room it offers, this wall unit is a winner!

A Vibrant Bedroom with a View

A large, plush bed with striped bedspread and vibrant cushions in blue, green and purple, help this neutral-hued bedroom reach its designer zenith. The quirky blue nightstands add to the playful feel here, while large glass windows allow you to soak in the beauty of nature throughout the day.

Saffron and Cream Steal the Show

This bedroom flaunts a bed with a distinct padded headboard in beige, while the rest of the wall is painted in a perky saffron shade. The windows here let plenty of natural light in, and the cosy seating area makes the most of this advantage. The striped throw pillows offer visual depth and interest as far as the simple but inviting bed is concerned.

Chic Meets Whimsical in the Backyard

A slatted wooden and white gazebo shades the large family style table by the pool, and lets you host pool parties or summer luncheons here. The fashionable white chairs and their teal cushions are given a whimsical lift, thanks to the reclaimed wood pieces that add an artistic touch to the table top. The rejuvenating blue pool along with its verdant backdrop beckons you to take a cool dip, while the stone wall stands nearby in all its rustic charm.

This contemporary and subtly opulent villa can turn heads with its magnificent combination of glass, wood, stone, and spicy colours. Sleek and quirky designs go hand in hand with practical comfort to make this home a heavenly retreat from the worries of life. Here's another tour you might like - Crisp Design and Bold Touches for a Modern Villa.

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