Lifeless to Lovely: The Inspiring Makeover of a Turkish Apartment

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İzmir-Çeşme'de Yazlık Ev, Tuncer Sezgin İç Mimarlık Tuncer Sezgin İç Mimarlık
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The historically rich Turkish city of Izmir bears testimonies of the times when it was ruled by Alexander the Great and the Ottoman Empire. But modern designs have made this city their home, and coexist peacefully alongside the quaint traditional structures. Also, old and dull apartments are undergoing contemporary and smart makeovers to become more attractive for urban tenants and homeowners.

One such abode is the İzmir-Çeşme’de Yazlık Ev, which was rendered an incredible transformation by the interior architects at Tuncer Sezgin iC Mimarlik. The property was initially drab both on the outside and the inside, with ageing and dirty walls, depressing tiles, and lack of modern accents. But post renovation, the apartment is a smart and chic place to live in, with inspiring structural tweaks, a more open layout, and upgraded materials which ensure visual appeal.

Before: Tearing down walls

The old home needed to be opened up, for a more fresh and airy feel. So, some walls were demolished to integrate the different functional spaces like the kitchen, living area and dining room.

Before: Dreary and dated

The layout of the home was old-fashioned, with a depressing floor, dated lighting, walls which prevented the adequate influx of sunlight, and a staircase that could do with an upgrade.

Before: An uninviting entrance

The dark and dated wooden door hardly did anything to liven up the shabby entryway. The interiors, when viewed from here, didn’t promise any aesthetic delight either.

Before: Tired and unimpressive facade

The old-fashioned and drab exterior of the house called for a more modern upgrade. Here you can see that the doors and windows were being dismantled to usher in contemporary touches.

After: Posh entryway

Freshly painted walls, subtle shiny surfaces, and elegant floor tiles make this entrance cool and contemporary. You can catch a glimpse of the enticing sheer drapes at the end of the hall, and sleek furnishing now adorns the home with modernism.

After: Chic and sharp living space

Slim and plush couches line the sober living space now, with a long mirror adding to the jazz factor. A sleek coffee table, sheer floor to ceiling drapes, and a comfy chair complete the look of this area.

After: A sensuous touch

The revamped staircase is a winding bit of magic in this home at present. Rendered in wood, concrete and shiny steel, the beautifully curving stairway adds pizzazz to the white, beige and wooden interior. The patterned cushions lend pops of colour too.

After: Compact and gleaming kitchen

The glossy white and chrome kitchen is compact, but extremely functional with ample storage space and bright lights. The half wall opposite the kitchen counter is laden with rich wood, and houses the television.

After: Sleek and smart finishes

The cooking counter is sleek, glossy and holds an embedded cook top for an uncluttered look. Appliances have been accommodated smartly by the cabinets on the left, while a unique pendant lamp adds a silvery touch to the kitchen.

After: More utility value

The sink countertop of the kitchen also comes with minimalistic cabinets both under and above it. The grey backsplash breaks the monotony of white, while a sunny window brightens up the space during the day.

Before: Mundane upstairs hallway

Unimpressive flooring and bleak white on the walls didn’t do much to enhance the aesthetic potential of this hallway.

After: Modern and sassy

Large grey tiles now line the floor for a sophisticated look, while a more contemporary shade of white decks the walls. Grey for the door frames help in breaking white’s monotony, while the steel railings of the staircase add a bit of shine.

Before: A lacklustre bathroom

Dull tiles, an old-fashioned counter, boring fixtures, and a drab frosted enclosure for the tub made this bathroom unwelcoming and dreary.

After: Sparkling and elegant

Large and gleaming tiles now line the walls and floor of this bathroom, for a smarter look and feel. The sleek dark wooden cabinet offers contrast, while the trendy fixtures and the round mirror liven up things here. Clear sheets of glass now line the shower enclosure, while bright lights make this bathroom come alive.

Before: The depressing ground floor bathroom

Dirty and old-fashioned sanitary wares, coupled with boring white tiles, had turned this bathroom into an uninviting and sad place.

After: Stylish changes

Different tones of cool grey now adorn this refurbished bathroom, while the stone basin and circular mirror add to the fashion statement it makes.

After: Simple but classy master’s bedroom

Tones of grey and white have come together now to infuse the bedroom with some understated class and elegance. The wall to wall closet comes with a large mirror and ample storage room for versatile utility. It also complements the grey bed headboard and the sleek bedside tables.

After: A pretty room for the little girls

Warm wooden flooring, a plush bed, a pretty floral headboard, and a quaint dresser make this bedroom a joyful sanctuary for the little girls in the family. And we simply adore the tufted stool.

After: A smart room for the boys

The striped headboard of the bed is definitely the quirky focal point of this bedroom. It goes well with the bedside table and spices up the wooden flooring.

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