Decoration: Stay Away from these 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

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Designing and decorating a home is a very subjective adventure, which primarily depends on your taste, budget and eye for detail. Not everyone desires to go for the same theme, color palette or style for their interiors. So when it comes to picking colors, textures, or patterns, different individuals opt for different combinations according to their aesthetic inclination. But there are a few aspects of home decor which should ideally be followed, no matter what you have in mind. 

Here we will discuss five very common mistakes that can mar the beauty of your abode, irrespective of how much money you have invested in the decoration. Keep these blunders at bay, and gift yourself a pretty home on a modest budget!

Avoid an excess of bland hues

You may be someone who prefers to stick to pale pastels or light and sober hues for your interior decor. But remember that you have to go about it intelligently, to make it work. Or else, you might end up adorning your rooms in a way which lacks visual depth and interest. 

Note how this bedroom has been beautifully done up in creamy and pristine shades of white for a soft and soothing look. But the accessories on the dresser and the bedside tables offer delicate bursts of contrast against the white palette. So make sure that you have some contrasting furniture or decorative pieces in a room rendered with subtle colors. This will help keep visual boredom away.

Say no to a dirty entrance or hallway

A filthy and unkempt entrance can be a huge turnoff for your guests, no matter how beautiful your living room is. So keep the entryway or hallway clutter-free and clean. Your patio or pathway leading to the front door also deserves your attention, so fix any broken tiles, freshen up old walls with a new coat of paint, and get any cracks repaired. 

If the flooring looks drab, you can get it redone if your budget permits it. Or install some beautiful lights, put up some eye-catching wall art, or arrange a large pot or vase of flowers near the entrance for a welcoming vibe.

Boring walls are a strict no

We have come a long way since homeowners had to settle for Plain Jane walls. Also, dirt and grease tend to make interior walls shabby and unattractive over time. Damp may pose a major problem too, and can cause your walls to look wet and uninspiring. 

To remove dirt, you can mix a bit of white vinegar and salt in lukewarm water, and scrub your walls with the solution. Or you can also get them repainted or deep cleaned, if simple cleaning doesn’t work. Wallpapers or decals can also be applied to the walls, to add some lively drama and unique appeal to your interiors. Derive inspiration from this gorgeous wall decor by IXXIdesigners from Hertogenbosch.

Too many decorative elements can spoil it

While decking out your indoors, avoid putting in too many accessories or decorative knickknacks into one room or corner. Your shelves and cabinets should not be overflowing with showpieces, or else, the room’s innate beauty will lose its importance. Also, try coordinating the different bric-a-brac as shown in the arrangement above, for a uniform and cohesive look. 

If you have a passion for paintings, reserve a particular wall for displaying them. All in all, make sure that the grace of the room’s layout is not hampered, and if you are introducing a rug, then it should complement the color scheme of the space.

Mess and darkness can wreck everything

A beautifully designed and decorated room can fall flat on its face, if it doesn’t receive ample light or is cluttered. Mess disturbs the peace of any space and also mental calm. So remove unnecessary items and allow your doors or windows to let in as much natural light as possible. For drapes, pick sheer materials which offer suitable privacy but also allows sunlight to filter through. If your interiors lack the scope to receive adequate natural light, install stylish artificial lights for brightening up spaces. You can choose from a wide array of ambient lights, pendant lights, task lights, sconce lights and more.

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do while designing the interior of your residence, get started to put them into practice. And soon, you will have an inviting and aesthetically enticing abode at your disposal. Here’s another story that might interest you - 10 Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Appear Spacious.

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