9 utterly unique desks for your home

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With more and more professionals working from home on a regular basis, desks have become an integral part of household furnishing. Not to forget, children certainly need desks to help them sit up straight and study without getting bored! And if you thought that desks are a conventional and commonplace piece of furniture which do nothing for home decor, then you'll be surprised what you see here. The 9 desks that we have collated here are smart, tasteful and extremely utilitarian. And they are set to impress you with their unique styles, colours, and materials. So whether you are planning to buy a desk for your home office or your kid’s study room, check out these beautiful and sensible options without delay!

1. Slender and classy

Minimalism reaches its sleekest high with this wood and iron desk and chair crafted from wrought iron wires. The wire mesh basket on the floor goes well with the overall look too, and offers casual storage space. The sleek ladder complements the charm of this stylish desk with its no-frills simplicity.

2. Saving space is now a cakewalk

This extremely sleek and savvy desk is a must-have for compact apartments or small homes, where space is a premium. A slim door opens up on its bottom half to reveal drawers which can be used for storing stuff. And the top half comes with a door that pops out to become a table when you need to sit down and work. It offers provisions to arrange tablets, phones and magazines too.

3. A clever room divider too

When is a desk not just a desk? When it is part of a closet, which separates a room into different functional zones! For instance, this sleek storage cabinet acts like a partition in this room, and helps by creating unique areas for different purposes. And when you have to work or study, you can simply pull out the desk from one of its niches, and get started.

4. Repurposing is in

This repurposed desk exudes retro charm with its standard wooden legs and body, while the glass top ensures modern finesse. Accompanied by a stylish chair, this desk can store books and magazines under its glass top, and keep your workspace tidy.

5. The magic of contrasts

The combination of light-hued wood and intense black has taken this fashionable and quirky desk to a whole new level. It is the brainchild of Alterego Design, supplier of furniture and accessories in Coignieres. Black steel frames hold up the light-coloured wooden tabletop, while the eccentric chair sits on pretty wooden legs. The standalone lamp adds to the crisp charm of the table, while the gorgeous wall provides the perfect backdrop.

6. Work and play hard with colours

The peppy green legs of this smart desk are perfect for livening up any nook or cranny in your house. Accompanied by a quirky task light and bold red stationery holders, this desk is sure to make work fun.

7. Sensuous and futuristic

This large and gleaming desk steals the show with its sensuously and uniquely curved legs. This way, you get to make a fashion statement even when you are gasping under your workload. And don’t miss how the desk perks up the plain floor underneath it, accompanied by a plush and modern revolving chair.

8. Show your organic love

This stunning desk is crafted from bamboo, and impresses us with its earthy yet practical look and feel. Sophisticated touches of black make their presence felt in the tabletop and the legs and back of the chic chair. A couple of wooden drawers cater to storage needs, while the organic essence of bamboo boosts your productivity and creativity.

9. A private cocoon

If you are someone who is always ready to embrace innovations, then this desk idea is perfect for you. This foldable and portable cocoon and seat can be set up anywhere and everywhere, if you need a bit of privacy for your work. It comes equipped with a bright task light too, for focused illumination.

So what are you waiting for? Keep in mind the desk which appealed to your taste and needs the most, and experience the joys of increased productivity! Here are some more home tips for your perusal: How to use the space under your stairs in 12 brilliant ways.

Which of these desks would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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