10 easy ways to decorate with timber

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Timber is a truly tried and tested domestic material. Permeated with age and jam-packed with a sense of natural sophistication, wood is an adaptable element, which encompasses a range of uses and purposes. Easily adapted into domestic spaces, timber is a seamlessly stylish way to improve both the ambience and air within a room. But where should you begin when considering the implementation of wooden touches in the home? 

Today at homify we are going to look at 10 different ways we love to include timber within our dwellings. From simple furniture to veneer-clad walls, there is something to suit every abode. For some smart design and décor ideas, take a gander at the below examples, and choose timber for your new home refurbishment or renovation.

1. Gorgeous timber vanity

First up, we take a look at a gorgeous timber vanity that evokes a sense of refined elegance. Timber vanities are an easy and age-defiant way to impart a touch of wood in the home, with a seemingly endless variety of choices. 

2. Timber lighting fittings

Light fittings are often pushed to the wayside of domestic timber decorative options. However, a wooden light fitting can inject a stylish and individual aesthetic, while also looking unique and original. 

3. A place to store firewood

Although not a necessity in Hong Kong, there are some winter days that see firewood burned as a nice way to illuminate and warm a room. If you have a fireplace (and even if you don't) a collection of stacked timber can look gorgeously inviting and rustic. 

4. Wooden stairs

Timber stairs look inviting, timeless and impressive. If you want an interior that boasts a sense of homeliness and softness, consider wood as a way to impart these desired attributes. 

Remember to pick an environmentally friendly retailer that fabricates their products using sustainable timber, and ensure the construction of your staircase is sound, solid, and reliable.

5. Chalet-esque luxury

Who doesn't adore the warmth and inviting aesthetic of a chalet? Although Hong Kong is a far cry from the Alps, you can still emulate this stylish design within your own abode. Look at this living room's timber furniture, overstuffed sofas, wall cladding, and of course, the timber ceiling. 

6. Chic wall dividers

Wall dividers can work wonders for smaller abodes that need to segregate or differentiate individual domestic spaces. Choose timber as a wall divider and create contrast within the room, while also adding homely warmth as well. 

7. Modular timber furniture

This Ideabook wouldn't be complete without a mention of timber furniture. Modular timber furniture can help save space for those in compact dwellings, as well as create a practical and versatile layout. 

Modular furniture often requires professional assistance during construction and planning. Ensure you get the job done correctly by engaging the help of a joiner or furniture maker. 

8. Stylish panelling

Wall panelling evokes a Mad Men-esque class and luxury, while also presenting an essence of retro glamour. Modernised for today's eclectic mix of homes, timber wall cladding is a brilliant option to create an eye-catching aesthetic. 

9. Kitchen detailing

Timber worktops are an established 'cooking space must-have' for those wanting a long lasting and stylish kitchen. These days there exists a plethora of different designs and options, from retro to minimalist, adding an abundance of choice for the home decorator. 

10. Gorgeous timber flooring

Not only does a timber floor look superb, it will also offer an enduring and timeless ambience. Injecting a sense of durable sophistication into your domestic space, timber floors come in a range of different colours, styles and finishes. 

What did you think of these gorgeous timber interiors? If you would like to see more, check out: 10 ways to create a welcoming home entrance

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